[Review] All About My Romance – 내 연애의 모든 것


Assemblyman Kim Soo Young (Shin Ha Kyun) is the hot shot of the Great Korea Party.  Though he’s frustrated with how the government is run, he has no idea how to change it.  Green and Justice Party Assemblywoman Noh Min Young (Lee Min Jung) also aims to make a difference in government and constantly struggles against the political fat cats who take advantage of their prestigious position.

Though they both want change, Kim Soo Young and Noh Min Young have completely different ideals.  However their mutual admiration for each other work’s ethic leads them to fall for one another.  Unfortunately, they must hide their relationship due to their political affiliation.

Everything I’ve been watching is on the dramatic downer side so it was just nice to vary things up.  In a nutshell, All About My Romance is a cute, superfluous drama.  It’s Best Love meets City Hall meets The American President (minus Aaron Sorkin for the latter).  Honestly, I could have totally imagined Cha Seung Won in this role but Shin Ha Kyun is perfectly suited for the role too.  They do play similar types of characters and Shin Ha Kyun is a great actor.

As a romcom hero, I liked him in this drama but allow me to get superficial for a minute.  Unlike some actors and many idols, Shin Ha Kyun doesn’t quite have a “buff” body.  I would have preferred not seeing him half naked as his thin, concave chest is now hard to erase from my memory.  (I’ll save you the screenpics.  You’ll thank me later.)

I’m not the type who likes superbly muscular-sized men but there’s a look and finesse to romcoms which is part of the reason why it draws in many female viewers.  However, he does wear suits well and after that haircut I did swoon.  Sometimes, it’s really the clothes that make the man.

Akdong Musician – I Love You

악동뮤지션 – I Love You

Besides that, the drama doesn’t have that much eye candy.  I’ve mostly seen Park Hee Soon in dramatic movies so it was weird to see him here.  He’s a very capable actor but I just don’t see him as a comedic one.  He’s a bit awkward with the funny but I smiled at Song Joon Ha’s immature attitude towards Kim Soo Young and vice versa.

I don’t really have much to say about the leads except they were cute together so they did their job.  I even laughed watching the romance blossom between Moon Bong Shik (Gong Hyung Jin) and Go Dong Sook (Kim Jung Nan).

All situations involving the characters advances the romance plot.  I came into the drama knowing what to expect and the drama lives up it, mostly.

It’s just that the drama plays so fervently by the rules that there are no surprises here.  They never really explore the depths of the characters, giving viewers very little scraps of their backstory which doesn’t make you care too deeply.  Perhaps I should have picked up that clue from the title.  This drama is literally all about the romance.

So I felt bad for actors like Chun Ho Jin who plays the Leader of the Great Korea Party, Go Dae Ryung.  Chun Ho Jin is a great, veteran actor as evidenced by his resume.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t do much in this drama except thwarting our OTP from his comfy seat.  He looks completely bored as it is such a waste of his talent.  And it’s not that Chun Ho Jin has never disappointed me before but it was lame to see him basically as a prop.

On the other hand, I actually really liked Han Chae Ah in this drama.  She’s really adept at comedy and I was wondering why she hadn’t been in a comedy before until I reminded myself of Oohlala Spouses.  I really want to forget that drama.  She’s also a lovesick puppy in this drama but gets to show off her quirky side more.  I think it’s more fun watching her being cute and immature rather than being demure.  I’d like to see her take the leading role in a romcom soon as she’s fun to watch.

Unfortunately, the drama does come to a halt at the angsty point when Ahn Hee Sun (Han Chae Ah) decides to breakup the lovebirds.  It’s not her fault because you expect her to pull the OTP apart.  It’s just that when the drama doesn’t have much substance, rather than getting emotional about our characters, you tune out.  Which I did.

Tiffany [Girl’s Generation] – 한걸음 (One Step)

티파니 [소녀시대] – 한걸음

Korea just hasn’t found their Aaron Sorkin yet when it comes to political dramas and I wish this and City Hall explored their careers.  Mostly when it comes to scenes involving policy debate, K-Dramas tend to fade out the audio which then leads into a music montage.  Viewers are smarter than the dramas give them credit for and I don’t think you need to follow Korean politics to have an interesting debate.  To me, it just seems like the production staff would rather not get into touchy subjects and are comfortable sticking with light and fluffy.

The drama is completely predictable but I have to admit that even I was surprised by the predictable ending.   I know, I’m contradicting myself.  Viewers often take to the forums wishing the OTP would get married and have kids and typically a drama will give audience some of these things but not all.

This drama delivers the 3 scoops of ice cream with the sprinkles, hot fudge, whipped cream and the cherry on top.  Nice but the sugar overload is unnecessarily over-the-top since the payoff is only on a personal scale.

A part of what made these characters was that they were public figures but again, the romance takes precedence here.  Despite that, I really did enjoy the drama.  It’s a light, spring affair that made me laugh and swoon but strictly on a superficial level.



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