Just Bananas About: Week of 6/10/13

Last week, I read this article in the Korean newspaper about how the men are trending on K-Variety television, at least for the new show on the airwaves.  With the exception of Ji Ah, Dad! Where Are You Going? features mostly sons with their fathers.  Jo Dal Hwan came into the national spotlight through Our Neighborhood Variety Show.  And the men on Real Men are giving us a behind the scenes look at military life whom I will be talking about in today’s post.  This week’s episodes introduces us to two new members to join the Real Men troop.

With Mir off to promote with other MBLAQ members, two other entertainers stepped into the troop.  ZE:A’s Park Hyung Shik who was previously seen in the drama Nine, and Actor Jang Hyuk who was previously in Iris 2.

While the other boys start at the Steel troop, which oversees the eastern coast of Korea, Jang Hyuk and Hyung Shik start at basic training.  For Hyung Shik, he’s an army novice so it’s easy to see why he’s nervous.  It’s funny that he does this thing with his lips when he gets nervous.  It’s almost similar to what his character did on Nine.

As for Jang Hyuk, he received a lot of awards when he was serving his time in the military.  He knows what he needs to do but at age 38, his body doesn’t seem to be listening.  Ha, I think I know what that feels like.

Their squad commander is as scary as the squad commander who trained our other boys.  Similarly, they have nicknames that references their personalities to snakes.  Is this a trend with squad commanders?  I suppose cute teddy bear just doesn’t strike fear into the heart of new recruits.

During yard exercises, he instruct Hyung Shik but he can’t seem to fully grasp the task, forgetting to put his hand down at the last moment.  So the entire group must sit down, stand up until Hyung Shik is able to understand what he must do.

Back at Steel troop, the boys continue their training.  Seo Kyung Suk is assigned to patrolling the coast by boat while Kim Su ro and Son Jin Young learn how to do CPR.

In their real life exercises, Son Jin Young performs CPR on Seo Kyung Suk.  Lol.  It’s funny how tightly Kyung Suk closes his mouth as one of his hands starts waving in the air.

Ryu Soo Young and Sam Hammington practice drills on capturing and securing an enemy combatant.  Except they both fail at tying up their adversary as they are able to get out of the ropes very easily.  Later, during a real life exercise, Soo Young is able to make up for his mistakes by succeeding to secure the infiltrator.

After the day’s exercises, the troop returns back to the barracks to find their two newest members have arrived.  Kim Suro is glad to see Jang Hyuk.

The troop goes about their usual tasks, cleaning up, eating dinner and final checks before bedtime.

Their commander instructs the group that the next day they will face guerilla warfare training and from the previews, it looks gruesome.

The interesting thing about this show is that it’s not like other variety programming.  Sure, you laugh but I feel as if I’m able to learn more about the Korean military and their way of life.  It’s pretty fascinating.  I hope we’ll eventually get to see what it’s like for the very few female members of the military.


8 thoughts on “Just Bananas About: Week of 6/10/13

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      • Sorry for the misunderstanding, I’m looking for info about Real Men, not Running Men. 😉
        AFAIK there is only one episode subbed so far and no one seems interested to translate it, although it is together with Dad – Where are you going? the top rated variety show right now. Too bad, because we international fans could pick up a lot about Korea and the interaction between those guys. I’m most curious about Sam Hammington and Ryu Soo Young.


      • My bad, I should have known that you were talking about Real Men considering which post you were commenting on. I was out on the road when I responded so I could only see the comment! Haha! Sorry for the confusion!


  2. I’m interested in pretty much the whole dialogue. 😉
    RSY is one of my favorite actors and I’d love to get to know him a little bit better via this show. Sam Hammington somehow managed to get a career in Korea without quite obviously fitting into the demands of the Korean society. Which makes him an interesting character. I’d like to see more of the culture clash.

    But it seems, the bloggers out there prefer to recycle the umpteenth idol show (not talking about you of course) and prefer to stick to Running Man et al., at the same time complaining about how boring it got.

    I’d really love the chance for international fans to get a glimpse into a very important part of Korean society and to observe some fresh faces (for the variety circus). Guess, I’ll have to continue to watch the unsubbed streaming and have a guess what they are talking and joking about. 😦


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