Just Bananas About: Week of 6/17/13

Sometimes Mondays and Tuesday programs tend not to make most of my Bananas posts due to the fact that practically a week goes by before I’m writing it.  However, I have been enjoying TVN’s next installation of their Flower Boys series: Dating Agency; Cyrano.  It’s based off the 2010 movie Cyrano; Dating Agency.  Don’t ask me why they’ve switched the order in the title but at least it helps to figure out which is which.

I was a bit concerned about this drama because I really enjoyed the movie.  And the last movie turned drama I saw didn’t turn out so well.  However, this one had a different production team and I have somewhat enjoyed most of TVN’s Flower Boy Series with Flower Boy Next Door being my favorite one to date (Though I haven’t seen Shut Up Flower Boy Band but have heard great things about it).

Last week, the dating agency is hired by Ah Rang’s (Jo Yoon Woo) fellow classmate and idol star Ray (Shinee’s Lee Tae Min).  Ray needs help in getting the class president Min Se Kyung (Yoon Seo) to like him but she’s always had a crush on Rang.  Just as Ray is about to confess his feelings, Rang runs in to warn them that the paparazzi are on campus.  Ray runs off to avoid them and Rang takes the opportunity to confess his feelings to Se Kyung.  He didn’t know it but he’s grown to like her.

As much as I loved the confession, I also loved what happens later in the episode.  Ah Rang has this whole speech prepared for Se Kyung saying that like her feelings about Rang could go away so can Ray.

So it’s time for her to choose who she wants to be with.  And Se Kyung’s mind goes through all the moments that she’s had with Ray.  Despite always looking like the cool idol star, his feelings for her are real and she chooses him.  It’s not how I envisioned the storyline but I was thoroughly satisfied.

And I think that’s what great about this series.  We get that episodic feel as the agency goes from client to client but each story has a different flow to it. This show reminds me a lot of the American TV show, Cupid.  It got cancelled due to the lack of interested but I like how each episode felt like a separate romantic comedy.  If you get a chance, I highly recommend it, that is if you can find the episodes.

At the same time, the backstory on some of the main characters are just starting to unfold (as well as the love lines being drawn).  The episode gave some insight into Seo Byung Hoon’s (Lee Jong Hyuk) past as he encounters Yoon Yi Sul (Kim Jung Hwa) and a glimpse at their unrequited history.

Cha Seung Pyo (Lee Chun Hee) aka Master knows something about Byung Hoon and the history of the Cyrano acting troupe but it’s hard to say how he’s connected to all this.  There was a death, there was a girl and there was a boy named Go Do Il and they were all part of this troupe.  However, the Master’s face always darken when it comes to Byung Hoon.

The show has given us some great cameo appearances and I’m sure we’ll be due for some more.  In true Flower Boys series style, the show can be wacky in their humor but I found the story arcs to be solid.

As the Master makes his move on Gong Min Young (Choi Soo Young), will that spark jealous within Byung Hoon?  Maybe there’s no intent right now for him to actually fall for Min Young but I have a feeling it might grow to be genuine so that’ll be interesting.  I guess we’ll find out later today.


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