Curious? – What are YOU watching?

George was a curious monkey and so am I.  Because of the Liebster Award Nominations, I and some other bloggers got to ask and answer questions about our viewing tastes and likes.  It was a lot of fun and that doesn’t mean that we should just keep the fun amongst ourselves and so I’m opening the forum up to the readers as well.  This is going to be an experimental column and depending on the responses I get for this initial post, I may try to do this on a monthly basis. Or maybe not, we’ll see how this goes.  Baby steps.

If you have a great question you’d like me to post for a future Curious? post, please e-mail them to me through the Contact Us page.  But first, feel free to share your thoughts on the question below.

Let’s start off with an easy one.  Recommend a current drama or show that you are watching.  Is there a drama/show that I’m not watching but should be and why?  I can’t promise I’ll add to my upcoming review roster but I’m always open to watching a good show.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be limited to Korean television as I also watch many American and British shows.


6 thoughts on “Curious? – What are YOU watching?

  1. Not sure if you’re watching this drama right now but I really think that I Hear Your Voice is really shaping up to be a really good watch. I can’t say much for others since I’ve been mostly picking op cable dramas but the very fact that this is the second drama from one of the BIG 3 tv network that made break my cable drama streak this year shows that it’s got tons of potential. Plus, Lee Jong Suk is absolutely killing it in his role, man, the previews for this drama was pretty meh-ish but the actually substance? SO.MUCH.WIN.
    I’m curious to see which OTP which you ship. HEH 😀


  2. House of cards (by Netflix) with Kevin Spacey + Robin Wright
    it was a chilly and exciting ride though not really currently current .. am looking forward to season 2

    also would be interested in your views about the Fall (by BBC2) with Gillian Anderson. I haven’t started watching it yet … have been hearing a lot of good reviews about the show


  3. I’m a bit of a slow drama watcher these days. But what I lack in the speed of drama watching I make up in the amount of dramas I watch, which I admit is not a very clever choice.
    I’m watching You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin (it’s frustrating, I know), Nine (tho, I’ve put it on hold for a bit), Monstar, Tamra The Island, Heartless City and Japanese shows Saikou no Rikon and Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo.

    Out of these I would recommend you Heartless City, if you’re not already watching it. The show is pretty cool and I like that I have to spend some time on figuring out the characters. Of course, you can nitpick on some little things but all in all it’s pretty awesome show.

    As for American TV, I don’t watch much. After The Walking Dead went on summer holiday, I haven’t found a show that would keep me interested. I tried Game of Thrones, but I was kinda bored by the politics. My mom tho, loves GoT.


    • You know, I wanted to watch Heartless City but it premiered at such a bad time because I was watching all these other dramas. So I may put it on the back burner. But I had downloaded Equator Man months ago and wondering if I should sit down to marathon that or finally watch all these Korean movies I have on my queue.

      If I don’t watch things as they are airing, it’s so hard for me to catch up. I watch so many things as is as you’ve probably noticed by my last TV Report.


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