Just Bananas About: Week of 6/24/13

Wow, 2 weeks in a row featuring a Mon/Tues program.  Okay, truth be told I’m writing this ahead of time.  After the great premiere of Our Neighborhood Variety Sports, I’ve been consistently keeping up with the show.  Not every episode has been a winner (in the variety sense).  However, we were treated to having Shinhwa on as guests.

I love Variety Show Shinhwa, probably much more than “Idol” group Shinhwa.  I’m finding it hard to watch the dance for “This Love” without cracking up from seeing the chest pumping/chicken clucking dance move.  Especially when they’re not wearing shirts underneath those suit jackets.

The boys are always entertaining on variety shows and so I was eager to see them last week.  I even loved the cheesy video in which they challenge the Team Ye Che Neung (YCN) members to a bowling match.

I’m not sure if the “Shinhwa Bowling League” was created especially for this appearance but I’m surprised to find more than one member adept at the sport.  They were pretty on par with Team YCN who were made up of Kang Ho Dong, Max Changmin, Lee Su Geun, Lee Byung Jin, Alex and Jo Dal Hwan.  On the line, Shinhwa promised to change the ending choreography for “This Love” to incorporate a bowling theme which they’d perform on Music Bank.  Meanwhile, Team YCN promised to publicly promote Shinhwa’s latest albums wearing matching shirts.

Changmin hasn’t been the best athlete on the show but he has significantly improved as a bowler.  He tries to school Shin Hye Sung before the shoot which made him laugh.  It’s just that Changmin doesn’t know that Shin Hye Sung is already a pretty good player.  But Changmin holds his own until the tenth frame.

Eric always looks like a pro no matter what he’s doing.  With that look of fierce determination to knock all the pins down and not utilizing the hole for the thumb, I assumed he was a great bowler until… he actually rolled the ball.  Lol.  I do not want to play poker with this man as he totally had me fooled.

However, the worst out of the Team Shinhwa has got to be Kim Dong Wan who challenged Kang Ho Dong.  Lee Su Geun teased that Dong Wan is using a house ball and even more a girl’s ball weighing at 11 lbs.  He made Ho Dong nervous until he threw his first ball.  I love Kang Ho Dong’s reaction, ‘Why did you pick me?’

Shinhwa’s Ace Andy who chooses to go up against Lee Su Geun.  Thought the highlight of the match is Kang Ho Dong vs. Lee Su Geun.  They’ve known each other for a long time and so they’re very comfortable with each other.  Since Ho Dong’s semi-retirement, Su Geun has really been taking the leadership role on 1 Night 2 Days which was previously belonged to Ho Dong.  Now that he’s returned, I’ve felt that Su Geun has been acting like the younger brother who thinks he knows much more than his older brother and it’s hilarious to watch.

SPOILER ALERT!  These two teams were evenly matched and they go through all the players to the final match between the aces.  Andy vs. Lee Byung Jin.  It’s just that it doesn’t go quite as I had hoped.

Hilariously, even the team points their finger at Lee Su Geun for creating the bad turning point in the tournament.

Team YCN goes to serve their punishment on the streets of Seoul but after seeing the bowling choreography that they came up with on the spot, I was eagerly wishing Shinhwa would lose just so they would do it on Music Bank.  But alas, bowling is half about whether you’re lucky or not.

In other news, it looks like Andy will be joining Team YCN in their bowling battle in Gwangju.

They got KBS to put a billboard on the side of the building after their first bowling win and now I really do want them to make it all the way to Sochi, Russia for the Winter Olympics.  Ye Che Neung for the win!!


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