Monkey Poo: Band Generation Final Stage Episode Postponed

So I sat down in front of my TV last night to watch what I thought would be the Final Stage episode of Band Generation and found that Mnet decided to air a Best Stage Special instead.  They decided yesterday at 11AM KST cutting it pretty close to the broadcast.  Basically, what aired is compilation of some of the best performances we’ve seen so far.

Sidenote, can I just say that Solutions’ cover of GD & TOP’s “Oh Yeah” wasn’t among my favorites?  Although Lead Singer Park Sol’s hair resembles TOP, his voice does not.  The beauty of GD & TOP’s “Oh Yeah” and really all of their collaborations is the dichotomy of TOP’s bass voice and GD’s high (?) pitched voice.  Frankly, I would have prefer seeing 3rd Line Butterfly instead.

So this whole thing started when Galaxy Express’ Bassist Lee Joo Hyun was arrested on July 2nd for smoking marijuana.  Say what you will about a rocker smoking weed but Koreans take that seriously and well, yeah it’s also against the law.

They’ve already filmed the final episode so the producers were in a tizzy about what to do about the episode.  They finally decided to cut out Lee Joo Hyun out of the shots (probably driving the editors and post production staff crazy) and it was supposed to air last night.  But it didn’t.  As of yesterday, it’s unclear when that Final Stage episode will air but dammit I just want to know who won.  The battle is between Galaxy Express, Daybreak and Romantic Punch.


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