[Review] Ten 2 – 텐2


After more than a year and a half, the Ten team is back.  Viewers finally get the answer to the thrilling cliffhanger about the mysterious serial killer known as “F”.

Also this season, the Ten team solves new homicide cases involving a gambling addict turned wronged man, a sympathetic stalker, corrupted cops, a blind witness, and even a virus outbreak.  The team may even end up losing one of their own.

The wait was so long that perhaps my expectations were too high.  The first episode felt like a recap of the “F” case and I was okay with that because so much time has passed since the first season that even I need a refresher.

But the conclusion was a bit anti-climactic.  The killer has a believable motive but unlike the first season the killer remained a bit of a mystery.

And that’s the major problem with the stories this season.  The cases felt boring and predictable.  The plots were overdrawn out and there weren’t really many twists.  In the first season, the drama was able to connect the viewers with the killer.  Either by connecting them emotionally to the killer or by providing an unexpected twist.  Sometimes both.

Instead, the second season focused a lot of time to the Ten team and how the cases affects them and the team dynamic.  Baek Do Shik (Kim Sang Ho) is horrified by Yeo Ji Hoon’s (Joo Sang Wook) thirst for vengeance that it doesn’t matter if his team’s life is in danger.

Nam Ye Ri (Jo An) and Park Min Ho (Choi Woo Shik) watch on like children whose parents are going through a separation.  Even the team is disconnected.

The cases were like 2nd tier (or rather 3rd tier) cases that the writers decided not to use during the first season.  The twists were predictable because they seemed like a variation of the cases from the first season and even used the same devices that they used the first season.  Episode 10, 15 Years, seems similar to the episode about the twins in the first season.  Two seemingly disparate women with a hidden connection.

I also thought it was a flimsy excuse for the wronged man in the final two episodes to kidnap Park Min Ho.  It felt like a way to bring the threat home for the season finale.

Having said that, I really like the final moments in the last episode.  [SPOILERS AHEAD] The Ten team decides to go their separate ways and I like how the episode ends the way it begans.  With another rainstorm washing the slate clean again.  The sun always comes out after a rainstorm which is what the team now has to look forward.  No longer under the clouds.

It was a nice chapter to close the show on and I guess this means that this is the end of the Ten series.  Which I’m totally okay with.  The first season was great, the second season left something to be desired but the last moments of the second season was a really nice bookending.  Even still Ten 2 falls way short of 10.



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