Just Bananas About: Week of 7/15/13

Yay, the long-awaited 2nd season of The Newsroom is back!  It’s a smartly written series with witty quips helmed by Aaron Sorkin.

Let’s just get this off the table.  What happened to Maggie’s (Alison Pill) hair?  We better get to see this Uganda story because my friend also just came back to Uganda and her hair was just fine.  Well, my friend also didn’t have a public meltdown that ended up on Youtube.  Did Maggie have another meltdown in Africa?

Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) starts off the season be being put on the news commentary leash.  AWM gets banned from a SOPA meeting while Jim Harper (John Gallagher, Jr.) gets alienated from the Romney campaign bus. But the first real blow landed on Will when Charlie Skinner (Sam Waterston) decides to pull Will from the 10th anniversary 9/11 coverage.  Will had made some comments calling Tea Party congressmen the American Taliban causing the right-wing to retaliate in different ways.

Will seems to take it well until a debate about drone strikes.  At a critical point, Will doesn’t toss the debate over to the ethical panelist.  On one level, Will was less the maverick unwilling to face the consequences if he pisses off more people.

On another level, Jerry Dantana (Hamish Linklater), a new producer filling in for Jim’s absence, brings on a panelist who has his own agenda and it might not be in New Night’s best interest.

So I’m hoping that Neal Sampat (Dev Patel) will get his day by breaking a huge story, namely Occupy Wall Street.  He’s got the smarts but still has a lot to learn about journalism.  But it’s his drive that’ll get him there and he just needs to figure out how to get people to listen to him.

In office dating news, Sloan Sabbith (Olivia Munn) seems to be talking to Don Keefer (Thomas Sadowski) again after promising to ignore him completely last season.  She confessed her feelings which she is now passing off as a joke.

As for Maggie and Don, they’re cohabitating and Don is trying to be a great boyfriend.  He gets a Youtube link from Maggie’s crazy cousin which I referenced before.  He decides that he’ll stay at a hotel until Maggie can move back in with her old roommate, Lisa.  For someone who was pretty much a schmuck last season, Don actually started this season doing something chivalrous.  I’m so thankful that one of them stopped and noticed the elephant in their relationship and finally did something about it.

I like that the show covers real news stories.  This season, it seems like they’ll get the scoop on a fictional one as well even though it might just end up backfiring on the News Night crew.  Although The Newsroom is a romanticist’s view of an actual newsroom, this is the team that I would want reporting the news to me nightly.


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