Just Bananas About: Week of 7/22/13

Suzy joins the Running Man crew for a horror themed episode.  But first, the episode starts off with the sight of Ji Suk Jin and Lee Kwang Soo walking down a dark hallway together, arm-in-arm.  Oh and did I mention that Kwang Soo has a box around his neck like a neck brace?

The Running Man story begins when they are kids in the same class in high school.  Split into two teams, they are given tasks throughout the “school day”.

I laughed so hard when Gary pulls out Kwang Soo’s chair as he’s about to sit down and he falls on the floor instead.

The first lesson is physics in which they’ve got to throw their show into their respective cubby holes.  Surprisingly it’s Suk Jin who is the first to succeed.  As expected, Kwang Soo tries to aim his shoe at Jong Kook but narrowly misses hitting Suzy in the head.  While Jong Kook overdoes his kick and it sails over the cubbies.  Gary is great with aim but his shoe keeps popping back out.  Though he keeps trying until he finally gets it in.

Next up, the teams head back in the classroom for a round of couple arm wrestling.  The girls team up with one of the boys from each of their teams to try and beat the other pair.  However, it’s so obvious that beating Kim Jong Kook is near to impossible.  It’s an all-kill for Kim Jong Kook as he easily beats out the Suk Jin, Gary and Kwang Soo.

Finally, the teams split up to hide their possessions around the school.  Once that possession is found can the other team rip off their nametag.  I love how as soon as Song Ji Hyo finds Kim Jong Kook’s beeper, he immediately grabs her in a backhug before hightailing it out of there.  He hides in one of the classroom holding one of the doors closed but the only person to help him out is Suzy.  She tries to keep the door closed but it’s not long before Gary is able to open the door wide enough for Ji Hyo to slip in.

The final mission takes them 5 years in the future.  They have already chosen their rooms which are themed: “The Jock”, “The Loser”, “Girl 1”, “Girl 2”, etc.  Their task is to only take one item from their room and find their match.  They must go find a magic mirror which will tell them if they are a match or not.  Sometimes if they are not a match, they’ll get a note saying things like: “Someone must not get together in groups of 3 or more or they will die,” “Someone must not look back or they will die,” or “Someone must not scream or they will die.”

So back to why Kwang Soo is wearing that ridiculous box on his neck.  It’s to prevent him from turning around.  It doesn’t help that he goes around with Suk Jin who has a hard time grasping the concept at first and tries to keep his head straight as he maneuvers his body like a car doing a “K” turn.

Suzy gets together with Suk Jin and Kwang Soo and at first they are apprehensive.  When they see that nothing happens, they realize that they’re not the person that the magic mirror was talking about.  So they don’t think of anything when the 2 Easy Brothers join Jong Kook and Suzy who are in front of the mirror until Jong Kook is killed and taken away.  Unbeknownst to them, Suzy gives a signal to the camera as well as to Ji Hyo who are standing outside the room.

The truth is that Suzy and Ji Hyo are the match.  They were killed years ago so even if the boys can see them, the teacher couldn’t.  Nor are their images included in the class photo.  Together, they must kill off all the boys.

In order to get rid of Haha, Suzy sneaks back into the room where he is and scares him, forcing him to scream.

And then we cut to Ji Hyo who has to figure out a way to make Kwang Soo turn out.  She does so by smacking him hard on the back of the head.  Hahaha.  She immediately gets down on her knees to apologize for hitting him so hard.

However, Gary and Jae Suk find a sticker that could get rid of the ghosts and they must stick on the girls’ nametags.  The girls must make Jae Suk look ugly by taking off his glasses and drench Gary with some water in order to kill them.  Suzy is able to bring the remaining boys near Ji Hyo and although Jae Suk leaps into action, he mistakenly places the sticker on the wrong place not knowing it’s supposed to go on the nametag. And that mistake costs him.

The funny thing is that I was just talking to my friends on Friday how I really needed a Song Ji Hyo/girl power episode and I got it!


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