Just Bananas About: Week of 8/5/13

The siblings are back in the latest episode of Dad! Where Are You Going?

Last time Joon’s little sister, Sung Bin, wasn’t able to join the group because she was sick.  Now that she’s got another chance, she just can’t contain her excitement.  By the way, that picture behind Sung Dong Il is hilarious.  Besides Bin, I thought I was the only one that was overly giddy about her appearance but it appears that I’m not alone as Min Guk and Bin do this happy dance.  I don’t even think they’ve even met each other before.

Today they’re off to a farm to pick plums.  However Bin was almost denied from coming due to not finishing her breakfast.  I love that she immediately knows who to go to help her out.  Sung Dong Il’s manager who promises to keep their secret from dad.

Bin isn’t the only one who is given an ultimatum in order to come on the trip.  Min Yul needed to finish his juice, which he did in one shot.  Nothing was going to stop him, even if it meant leaving his mom.  Ji Wook expressed his love for his dad over his mom describing how she punishes him.  Ji Wook is so happy about going that he even sings while peeing.  Lol.

The only ones without siblings were Hoo, since he’s the only child, and Jun Soo, whose older brother Tak Soo, did not come along this time.

However, it was hard for me to take my attention away from Bin because she’s the new kid of the group.  And yet, she’s not at all shy.  In fact, Sung Dong Il kinda scolds her for not being lady-like when really, she’s the female version of him.

While Joon is reading his book, Sung Dong Il discovers that Bin has disappeared.  She’s made her way over to Kim Sung Joo’s place and already made herself comfortable.  She’s also comfortable with climbing all over Lee Jong Hyuk even though her dad reminds her that she just met him today.

Also different from Joon, she’s quite expressive as she describes how sweet the potatoes are dipped in sugar.  A snack Sung Dong Il used to have when he was young.  She also sings Psy’s “Gentleman” while putting on her socks.

After picking basket full of plums, a rainstorm drives the kids back into the houses.  They all clean up after a sweaty day.  It’s interesting to see Ji Wook terrified of the storm while Jun Soo relishes splashing in the puddles.  Both very different reactions but oh so cute.

As for Ji Wook and Ji Ah, they get frustrated with each other which turns into hitting and Song Jong Guk lays down the law.  He makes them raise their hands and firmly tells them that he’s not going to tolerate hitting.  As much as he is tough on Ji Wook, I’m glad that he tells Ji Wook how wrong it is to hit girls.  As for Ji Ah, he tells her that she shouldn’t be hitting her younger brother.  Then he tells them to hug it out and mean it.  Hahaha, love it.

Next week, the group needs to sell their plums and the dads teach them all different selling methods.  It appears that Bin has taken a special liking to Min Guk.  Who knew he was such a catch among the primary school set?

The kids also learn about harvesting vegetables at the farm so that the dads can make dinner.


3 thoughts on “Just Bananas About: Week of 8/5/13

  1. Oh yes, MinGuk’s hot stuff. Did you see that tweet of him busting into Jewelry’s Yewon’s selca? She thought he was very manly.

    Your post made me laugh. Bin is totally SDI’s female version for sure, and, totally his favorite too (tis okay: parents have favorites, and that doesn’t mean they don’t love the others to death as well).

    Btw, SDI and KSJ are friends off-camera as well. The kids know each other from before.


    • The manager uncle lives with them? I didn’t know that. But yes, sometimes it is normal that they are involved in the star’s life. They become family. It’s a bit more infrequent but I’ve also seen that with some American celebrities as well. They are very involved in the star’s life but it all depends on what was worked out between the manager and the star. Sometimes it’s not specified in their contract but they are so close that they do it anyways.


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