Curious? – Shows that make you crave…

Okay, loong overdue I know. I know it’ll come off as an excuse but it’s been a crazy last couple of weeks and it’s not over yet.  However, this is one question that I’ve been pondering about for while.  TV makes me do funny things, especially when it comes to food.

When the protagonists of K-Dramas head over to a pojangmacha for soju and grilled meat, while making love confessions or connections, naturally, I find myself craving soju and grilled meat.  My neighborhood pojangmacha-themed Korean restaurant can attest to that as they know me pretty well.

Though I think Rooftop Prince was the last time I really craved something while watching dramas.  Ooooh, I made a lot of omurice slathered with ketchup during that drama.

Though the Redi-Whip with soju was pretty gross.  Yeah, I couldn’t resist trying it.  I think I tried to convince myself the taste was okay but it was gross.  Similar to how the drama’s ending left a sour taste in my mouth.  I just though, ‘I love soju, I love canned whipped cream.  What could go wrong?’  Oh so much.

On American TV, the food on Hannibal looked wickedly deliciously.  But oh yeah, people meat.  Bleeech.  How do they get the food look so magazine perfect?

But most recently, the kids and their siblings went plum picking on Dad! Where Are You Going?  I suddenly craved plums.  Sadly, I only had peaches in my fridge.

So what foods do you crave while watching some of your favorite shows?


7 thoughts on “Curious? – Shows that make you crave…

  1. When Dad! Where Are You Going? started airing, Hoo kept eating eggs, witch made me crave for eggs every time I watched the show. Last night I watched ep 31, the kids were supposed to sell the plums to the staff, but Ji Wook and Minyeol kept eating the plums XD and again made me crave plums OTL Also happens when I watch 1n2d. Especially when the old cast (well….season 1) was asking PD Na for instant ramen or jajangmyeon, it made me crave some lol


  2. Variety shows always make me super hungry and it’s funny because I’ve never eaten Korean food in my life (I do have plums growing in my own back yard. Yum). But I think it’s because in variety shows they always give such big reactions whenever food is involved, it makes the food look so much more yummy when somebody’s describing it as the best thing they’ve ever eaten. That’s why I can never watch 1 Night 2 Days without having a good meal myself, because the cast members are always glorifying the food, even if it’s just instant ramen.
    Also, Eat Your Kimchi’s FAP-FAP videos are just the death of me. *stomach growling*

    The Korean foods that I’m hunry for the most when watching dramas and variety are patbingsu (preferably without cherry tomatoes), grilled meat + soju, Suundubu jiggae, and of course kimchi. However, jajangmyeon never really looks that appetising and it seems like it’s really difficult to eat without getting it all over your face. I remember in We Got Married they had this little competition with eating jajangmyeon and it was just everywhere and it didn’t look attractive even on attractive people. Yup, it’s not really a food you want to eat when you’re going on a date with someone.

    The food on Hannibal looks really really good, but then I remember it’s like, yunno, made of people, and I lose my appetite for meat altogether.


    • Patbingsu with cherry tomatoes? That’s pretty unusual. Never tried that or even saw that combo. Wouldn’t that just taste like salad with ice? Though I eat grape tomatoes like they are potato chips, can’t have just one.


  3. jajangmyun. when we went to korea, we were asking for ‘noodles w/ black sauce’ but the places we went to didn’t have it. maybe just for delivery? we were able to try the ‘instant noodles’ version but i wasn’t satisfied, so i was hoping its because its the instant noodles version. i think this is under chinese-takeout menu.

    and teokbokki. aaah… this food for sharing (like good for 4-5 people) and they cook it on the spot. its hard to gather 5 people to try it neh? just looking at the color, my friends will be afraid to try it. mouthwateringly spicy!


    • I’m sorry you didn’t get to try jajangmyun for reals. Some of those delivery places are also sit-down restaurants. However, if you ever tried eating ddukbokki on the street, they do serve single servings. I’m going to try and visit Ddukbokki town very soon. Will try to upload pics via twitter.


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