Just Bananas About: Week of 8/26/13

So the other I see dead people drama I’ve been watching is Who Are You.  Yang Shi Ohn (So Yi Hyun) is a detective who incurs a brain injury during a case and finally wakes up after being in a coma for 6 years.

She returns to the force to the lost and found center and discovers that she can see ghosts who are connected to the items in the center.  At first Cha Gun Woo (Ok Taek Yeon) and Yang Shi Ohn get off to a rocky start because he only believes in what he can see and touch but slowly they come to understand each other.

We’re at the halfway point in the drama.  While Gun Woo has realized his feelings for Shi Ohn, she has begun investing the case in which she ended up in a coma but due to her memory loss she’s not sure how Lee Hyung Joon (Kim Jae Wook) was connected to her.

Because of Hyung Joon’s romantic connection to Shi Ohn, which she hasn’t put together yet, it’s gonna put a crimp on the relationship between Gun Woo and Shi Ohn.  So far I’ve been liking the mysterious aspect of the drama and I’m eager about finding out how the ghostly third wheel will affect Gun Woo and Shi Ohn’s relationship.


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