Just Bananas About: Week of 9/2/13

And so summer comes to an end and September is here.  Though the weather here this summer has been unusually cool, watching Grandpas Over Flowers Season 2 does still make me feel the heat of summer because they were in Taiwan.

The Taiwan trip officially started airing last week but just like how Baek Il Sub halbae always looks for Luggage Slave Lee Seo Jin, I couldn’t wait for him to arrive myself.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  While Na PD used his brilliant deviousness to bring Seo Genie along for another trip using some hidden cameras and the help of the Halbaes.

Shin Gu, Park Geun Hyung and Baek Il Sub learn that they will be faced with a new challenge this trip.  Due to Lee Soon Jae’s shooting schedule, he will join the other Halbaes 2 days later.  As for Lee Seo Jin, he will go a day after and that leaves the remaining Halbaes to find their way to their hostel.

Before they leave, Choi Bool Am makes a surprise appearance at the airport.  It’s funny how the Halbaes are asked to close their eyes and they were all hoping a pretty actress would come in Seo Jin’s absence.  Instead, they open their eyes to an oldie.  The scene is so sweet though as he has known the other Halbaes for so many years and even worries about Il Sub and his bad knee and even lectures him on his bad smoking habit.  In the end, he secretly gives Il Sub and envelope of money for the Halbaes to use on their trip.  Gotta love this Halbae bromance.

When the 3 Halbaes arrive in Taiwan, they are surprised to find a throng of fans eagerly greeting them at the airport and giving them gifts like they’re an idol star.

Even the Halbaes are touched.

As the Halbaes decide how they will get to their housing, Il Sub and Geun Hyung decide to give the task to the 2nd eldest Halbae, Shin Gu.  I love that they make comparisons between Gu and his smiley disposition on the Europe trip with how he’s become more stoic on this trip.  They even compare how similar his reactions are to Seo Genie.

He’s busy trying to use all the English he can remember (which is pretty good for a Halbae) to find directions, trying to recall Chinese characters and keeping track of the money.

After toiling a bit with Il Sub throwing a small tantrum and refusing to move from the air conditioned staff hotel lobby, the 3 finally make their way to their residence.

When Geun Hyung inquires how Gu is feeling, he replies that he thought he was gonna die.  And they cut-in an image of Seo Genie at home with K.Will’s song “네가 필요해 (I Need You)” playing underneath.

After dinner the Halbaes head to the supermarket to get more food and Il Sub has no qualms about spending the money allocated to them.  Although he’s a bit intrigued about the food at the mart, picking up a durian and asking if it is puffer fish or Geun Hyun trying to quiz him and see if he can read the Chinese characters on a tin can of eel, instead he asks if it is Taiwanese specialty.

Back at home, the Halbaes order more food and expect Na PD to pay the bill but Na PD just tries to pass the receipt off to him.  Earlier in the day, Na PD also tried to get the Halbaes to pay the tip for the housing but with Shin Gu arguing that if they are going to be generous then they should just go and include the tip in the room charge.  Na PD has nothing to say.  It’s hilarious to see that Na PD has little wiggle room when it comes to the Halbaes.

Cut to the next day, Lee Seo Jin is so not as enthused about this trip.

Unlike last time, he puts little care into packing his bag.  Unbeknownst to him, SNSD’s Sunny actually shows up at the airport.  He just can’t believe his eyes but this reward is well deserved, even if it is only for 1 night 2 days.

I love how when they reach Taiwan, Seo Genie gets bombarded by fans and Sunny veers off to the side.  She’s typically used to this fanfare but let’s Seo Genie have his moment.

To top it off, while the Halbaes are sightseeing and waiting for Seo Genie, these two are busy enjoying their own time in Taiwan.  Of course, he is ecstatic about this and all we see is the dimpled smile which was absent from most of the Europe trip.

Leaving Na PD to them, mainly Il Sub who is always slow and rather enjoys sitting down than seeing the sights.  He finally calls Seo Genie who tries to avoid going to the residence as much as he can.  However, he’s got a supporter in Geun Hyung who texts that they should just have fun and gives him permission to meet them the following day.  With that, we leave the Halbaes off having their first meet with Sunny and waiting for Lee Soon Jae to join them.

I think it was so cool of Sunny to join them on this shoot.  She could have spent that time for herself.  Instead she decided to join not only Lee Seo Jin but the Halbaes on a portion of their trip.  I can’t wait for Lee Soon Jae to join and that’s when the real party will start.


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