Just Bananas About: Week of 9/9/13

There are only 3 episodes left for Breaking Bad.  This show certainly knows how to lift you up and drop you down.  WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.

Jesse (Aaron Paul) declares war on Walt (Bryan Cranston) and all hell breaks loose.  While Walt has always seemed to be several steps ahead of everyone, this was one episode when vengeance blinded him.  It blinded him from Jesse, Hank and even Todd’s uncle and his White Supremacist gang.

It’s interesting that the show keeps going back to Todd and the meth business even though Walt is retired from it.  While he seemed like a petty criminal when we first met him, he’s become quite the psychopath.  What that means for Lydia and her working business with him, I’m not sure yet.

As for Walt, he’s desperate to find Jesse.  He goes to Todd’s uncle to wipe Jesse out before Jesse wipes him out, or worse, wipes his family out.

He even goes as low as seeking Brock’s mom out to try and get Jesse to come out of hiding.  I love that Brock gives Walt a nervous look.  Does Brock know?

However, Hank (Dean Norris) is one step ahead of Walt.  Hank and Gomez trick Huell into saying what he knows and Saul warns Walt that Huell has disappeared.  It doesn’t dawn on Walt that Jesse, Hank and Huell are all tied together.  That’s because Jesse texts him a picture of money in a barrel and calls to warn him that he’s going to set Walt’s money on fire.

Walt begs Jesse to rethink his plan and explains what and why he needed to do all that he’s done.  However, when he arrives at the location, no one is there.  He’s been tricked.  Hank, Gomez and Jesse arrive to arrest Walt.

Afterwards, Hank calls Marie to tell her that he’s got him and she’s happily cries that their nightmare is almost over.

Unfortunately, Walt had also called Todd’s uncle because he thought it would only be Jesse there out in the desert.  Although he had tried to call it off, they showed up any way.  A huge gunfight ensues.  Roll credits.  Me: Holy crap.

I wish Hank was able to take in Walt but I just can’t imagine that many people will make it out of the desert alive.  We know Walt survives.  It appears that Jesse might try to make a run for it.  However for Hank, sadly it feels like he’s said his goodbye to Marie.  Aaah, I don’t want to think about it until it actually happens.  But it doesn’t look good.


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