Just Bananas About: Week of 9/23/13

Last night was Emmy night and I’ll admit that I was watching the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad.  However, I did keep an eye out for the wins and the losses.  Here are some of the significant wins of the night.

Breaking Bad won Outstanding Drama Series as well as Anna Gunn for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.  However, both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul were looked over in their respective categories, Outstanding Actor and Supporting Actor, respectively.

Instead, Outstanding Actor went to Jeff Daniels from The Newsroom.  As much as I love that show and Jeff Daniels as Will McAvoy, he wasn’t someone I would have picked this year and even the winner, himself, acknowledged the other members in his category indicating that the win was unexpected.  Also, Bobby Cannavale won Outstanding Supporting Actor for his role as Gyp Rosetti in Boardwalk Empire and unfortunately I thought he was least likely to win.  I wonder if Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman canceled each other out for the win.  Also a surprise was Nurse Jackie’s Merrit Wever for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy but at least her short and sweet speech provided a lot of laughs, “Thank you so-Oh no! Thanks so much. Um. Thank you so much! Um…I gotta go. Bye.”

The Emmys were not without it’s own pre-ceremony controversy as the “In Memoriam” segment was overshadowed with criticism for the producer’s decision to feature only 5 out of all the other members of the entertainment community who were lost over the last year.  Namely, Glee’s Corey Monteith over Larry Hagman, Jack Klugman and the like.

Back to the winners lists, here are some notable wins for this year. Modern Family wins Outstanding Comedy Series for yet another year.  The Colbert Report won for Outstanding Variety Series and Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series.  During his speech, he said, “It’s a cliche to say it’s an honor just to be nominated.  It’s more than that; it’s also a lie.  This is way better.”  Ha.

Claire Danes wins Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Carrie Mathison in HomelandThe Good Wife‘s Carrie Preston wins Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Elsbeth Tascioni and Scandal’s Dan Bucatinsky wins Oustanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series as for his role as James Novak.

For a full list of this year’s winners, click here.


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