Just Bananas About: Week of 9/30/13

And so… all good things must come to an end.  Last night’s Breaking Bad finale had the moments we were hoping for as well as some unexpected twists.  If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a good point to turn away.  I’ve warned you.  Here we go.

Rather than do a recap, I think I’d rather talk about some of my most favorite moments.  After calling his son so that Walt (Bryan Cranston) could secretly send him money, Flynn (RJ Mitte) gets upset and refuses the offer.  He thinks that his dad killed his Uncle Hank and while he didn’t technically pull the trigger, his actions did lead to Hank’s death.  Lost and at the end of his rope, he calls the DEA, says who it is and leaves the phone off the hook.

But Walt sees a interview with the Schwartzes which unnerves him and decides not to wait around for the cops to arrive.  Hiding within a snow-covered car in New Hampshire, Walt is able to evade the cops to the point where he gets all the way back home.

Now here I’m thinking the ricin we saw earlier is meant for the Schwartzes.  I’m thinking in Walt’s mind that he thinks they deserve it for bringing him to this point.  But oh man, oh man, I love that Vince Gilligan turned my expectations around.  Yes, Walt faults them for cheating him out of the Gray Matter fortune but he makes sure that they will pay him back by helping him get his money to his family.  And just in case you think you’re seeing a softer side of Walt, he gives the Schwartzes their incentive in the form of a threat.

After learning that his meth empire is still booming, he realizes that Jesse (Aaron Paul) is cooking for the Nazi’s, Todd (Jesse Plemons) and Lydia (Laura Fraser).  He can’t let them enjoy the fruits of his labor because it’s the thing that drew a line between him and his family. But before he takes them on, he says goodbye to them.  Skyler (Anna Gunn) finally gets to hear Walt place the blame on the person who really deserves it, instead of making up excuses.  He says goodbye to Holly and sees Flynn return home from a distance.

Back to the meth empire, remember Lydia’s love for her tea and stevia?  Oh yeah, the ricin was in the stevia packet.  I love how different Lydia looks without makeup.  It’s funny how on one side she’s this cold business woman but on the other side she’s afraid of almost everything.  (Oh and by the way, Todd’s Lydia ringtone?  Hil-a-ri-ous.)

As for the Nazi’s, he brings them down with an automatic firing rifle that he created. It’s an interesting moment when he sees that Jesse is there and cooking, not out of his own will.  He fakes a fight with Jesse in order to protect him so when the bullets start flying, he’s out of harm way.  At the last moment, Jesse gets to kill Todd who cruelly took Andrea away from him.  Payback, bitch!

With the Nazi’s dead, he gives Jesse the gun and asks him to kill Walt.  However Jesse refuses.  It’s a beautiful moment because Jesse has been manipulated by Walt for so long.  It was Walt who convinced Jesse to become a murderer (re: Gale Boetticher).  Now he’s ready to move on from Walt; he’s no longer Walt’s pawn.

The show ends with Walt and his precious lab.

Something interesting items of note that I learned from watching Talking Bad before I move on.  Hearing straight from the Show’s Creator/Writer/Director Vince Gilligan, I learned that Skyler’s reflection in the microwave when Walt comes to say goodbye was a happy accident discovered by Skip MacDonald the editor .  They also added the moment when Walt leaves his watch on the phone booth for continuity sake because he was seen in two flashforward scenes (one with the watch, one without).

In my opinion, I don’t need a show to neatly wrap up a series but it worked for this series.  I love that all the questions I had was answered and the people who deserved to die did.  Although Walt abandoned all his morals to get it, I’m still glad that his family will still somehow get the money because it means that it wasn’t all for nothing.  It was just a fantastic series finale. So how did you feel after watching this finale?


One thought on “Just Bananas About: Week of 9/30/13

  1. I loved it. This show got the ending it deserved, and the characters got the ending they deserved. It was 100% true to the story, but I never had any doubt that Vince Gilligan and crew would deliver anything less than that!


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