[Review] Who Are You – 후아유


When Yang Shi Ohn (So Yi Hyun) wakes up from her 6-year long coma, she discovers that she has the ability to see ghosts.  Working with her at the police department’s lost-and-found center, her colleague, Cha Gun Woo (Ok Taek Yeon), only believes in solid evidence.  They gradually become to appreciate each other’s abilities as they help spirits who are attached to objects at the lost-and-found center find peace.  Through their investigations, Shi Ohn discovers her own past and the unfortunate accident which caused her to lose to lose her dead boyfriend Lee Hyung Joon (Kim Jae Wook) as well as her memory.

Yoo Sung Eun – 사랑이 자라서 (As My Love Grows)

유성은 – 사랑이 자라서

There are a lot of dramas these days featuring female leads who can see ghosts which affects their relationships with people who are living.  However, I wanted to review this drama on its own merit.  The drama doesn’t make you wait to get to the heart of the dilemma.  You have the threat on Shi Ohn’s life which temporarily shielded by the fact that she can’t remember what caused her accident 6 years ago.  She has the ability to see ghosts and help them.  She can see Lee Hyung Joon who could potentially hold the key to the events from her past.  As Gun Woo works for Shi Ohn, they grow to like each other.  So I like that the setup is clear cut.

I was surprised to see So Yi Hyun play the role of tough detective as I’ve always seen her play more feminine roles.  The dancer in You’ve Fallen for Me or the trophy wife in Cheongdamdong Alice.  According to her resume, she is no stranger when it comes to playing a detective.  As Shi Ohn, she brings the cute and emotional elements to the character but balances it with the methodical investigator type so it worked for me.

As for Ok Taek Yeon, I’ve only previously seen him in Dream High and I think he has improved since then.  He still has a ways to go in terms of acting and he’s better in the lighter scenes.  He definitely has a swagger to his acting style and Gun Woo fits that bill.  However, he does look like he’s trying too hard when playing overly emotional scenes.  He just doesn’t quite have a grasp on those subtleties of acting.

As an aside, I do think he needs to work on his kissing scenes.  Either he was nervous or he hasn’t figured out how to work out the technical aspects to doing a scene like that.  Or I could chalk it up to the chemistry being awkward between him and So Yi Hyun.  I didn’t really feel it as much in their banter but you could see it in scenes which delved into deeper feelings.

I don’t really have to say much about Kim Jae Wook as I thought he was just fine as Lee Hyung Joon.  There wasn’t that much chemistry between him and So Yi Hyun and I was okay with that because we were supposed to accept as figure in Shi Ohn’s past.  Gun Woo represented her future.  For those that haven’t seen the drama, please be aware that there will be major spoilers ahead.

The problem with Hyung Joon’s character and more accurately with the plot itself was the reveal of him not being dead but being in a coma.  You could clearly feel the manipulative hands of the writer all over this plot point and it felt like a lazy way out for the writer to force one last climactic twist in the supernatural love triangle; which they then decide to resolve with a big speech from Hyung Joon giving her permission to let him go.  The resolution honestly just felt like a big ‘ol cop out for Shi Ohn because ultimately she’s not given a choice as the drama’s heroine.  The plot makes the choice for her.

Despite that the drama was an easy drama to watch and had plenty of light moments along mixed with the melodrama and mystery.  I also thought that many of the episodic storylines were interesting.  Short enough to help build on our characters and the nature of their abilities but sufficient character development that engaged you to care about the ghosts and the people who have lost them.



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