Just Bananas About: Week of 10/7/13

It takes a lot of commitment, at least for me, to watch a daily but I was intrigued by the promos for Potato Star. From the people who brought us the High Kick series, they bring us into a world of wacky characters.

Currently, the sitcom is only airing on Mondays and Tuesdays due to Ha Yun Soo’s on-set injury.  Since the injury caused her to twist her ankle, she has to stay off of it for a couple of weeks which put the sitcom behind schedule.  Considering she’s a main character and that she’s peppy and active, it would hinder the sitcom to have her sit around and film her scenes.  So for a couple of weeks, the production decided it would be best to keep her off her feet so she could be 100% when she returns.

Electric Eel – 별똥별 (Shooting Star)

전기뱀장어 – 별똥별

I will say from the first 4 episodes I’ve seen, if you didn’t like High Kick, you probably wouldn’t like this sitcom.  It’s got the same brand of cheesiness with light family drama.  The one thing I did find problematic with the writing here was the lack of flow from the different storylines.  Though the premise is about a falling star which causes all sorts of strange things to happen, the Potato Star (aka QR3), has not yet reached Earth.  So I’m curious how the story will get wackier when it does but I am liking a lot of the characters and care about them to the point where I want to keep following their story.

First off, Na Jin Ah (Ha Yun Soo) is incredibly peppy and amusing.  She’s the hardworking girl who just wants a chance to succeed.  Her father helped found the Kong Kong company but their family has lost all title to it.  I’m sure we’ll delve into that storyline further as the sitcom goes on.  However, she applies for a job at the company and wants to work her way up.  Her nickname is “seal” as she’s able to catch food in her mouth when it’s thrown to her.  She’s got an insane fear of the dark and even sleeps with the light on but when fear takes over, she has some extraordinary abilities.

Hong Hye Sung (Yeo Jin Goo) is the mysterious new neighbor.  Jin Ah assumed that because he was so mysterious that he was the serial killer people who had been killing people in the neighborhood.

So they do start off on the wrong foot but there is a hilarious scene where an unconscious Hye Sung is carried around by Jin Ah and her mom like a pig.  And already I see the beginnings of a loveline.

It’s a little early to say but I also see the beginnings of a loveline the heir to the Kong Kong Company, Noh Min Hyuk (Go Kyung Pyo), and Jin Ah as well.  Min Hyuk is arrogant and a perfectionist.  Rather than “you win some, you lose some”, he only believes in winning.

An interesting storyline to keep an eye on was how Min Hyuk’s parents lost a son years ago.  It was tied in with a story in which Grandpa Noh Song (Lee Soon Jae) lost his precious dog and scoured the neighborhood looking for it.  It makes me wonder if some mysterious guy’s backstory will somehow become tied to this story.

A couple of other characters to watch is Julian (Julian Kang) and Noh Soo Young’s (Seo Ye Ji) romance which was hot and heavy abroad but since returning home, Soo Young seems to be losing interest in Julian.

Min Hyuk’s dad, Noh Soo Dong (Noh Joo Hyun), has a hard time going to the bathroom and often uses the Elvis Costello song, “She”, as an aid.  Which is probably a sound that also translates well in English.

Noh Bo Young (Choi Song Hyun) wears the pants in her relationship with her husband Kim Do Sang (Kim Jung Min) and unintentionally uses her detective skills to detect her husband’s lies.

In order to keep her excitable son Kim Kyu Young (Kim Dan Yul) at bay, she uses a “Red Sun” hypnosis method which is pretty amusing.

So far I really like and although long running sitcoms does tend to drag on, I like the actors and wacky characters enough to keep watching.


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