Just Bananas About: Week of 10/21/13

Waaaah, it’s here!  It’s finally here!  The much anticipated Answer Me 1994.  Or is that just me?  The drama airs biweekly on Fridays and Saturdays which is kind of a new format for me to get used to.  But anyways, I’m thrilled.

So first up, the disappointing news.  We’re given the same question again.  Which is who is the mystery guy whom our lead, Sung Na Jung (Go Ah Ra), marries in the future.  And to that I say ‘Baaaah!’  I have placed my bets on who that will be but I’ll just keep that to myself for now and see if that really comes true.

However, the characters and the cast are all so warm and inviting that it’s hard not to fall in love with them all.  Na Jung is the basketball loving tomboy of the family.  She fangirls over Yonsei University’s Point Guard , Lee Sang Min.

Then, there’s Na Jung’s brother, Sseu Re Ki (Jung Woo) which translates as Trash.  His and Na Jung’s relationship is that of any brother and sister which is full of childish banter and pranking but in their hearts they really care for each other.

There’s a sweet scene in the 2nd episode in which Na Jung hurts her back and ends up in the hospital.  Unable to sleep through the pain, Sseu Re Ki comes to comfort her.  We’re given further insight into their relationship and their past before they came up to Seoul.  Although in true Answer Me comedic fashion, we don’t stay with the warm and fuzzy for long before we see their other side again.  After a few drinks, the dog in Na Jung comes out and what I thought would be a soft and tender scene turns out to be one of unexpected hilarity.  Also kind of amazed at Go Ah Ra for pulling that scene off as I ended up squeaming (squeamishly screaming).

Sam Chun Po (Kim Sung Kyun) is definitely a countryfied mama’s boy but while he doesn’t quite meet the pace of the city and he gets off on the wrong foot with his roommate Hae Tae (Son Ho Joon), his character was a great story to open the drama with as it was all about starting a new chapter in his life outside of his comfort zone.  He tries to acclimate to the fast paced city and become quickly acquainted with a brand new Seoul family.  Even if it means that they’re busting through the bathroom door while you’re trying to take your morning shower.

Roy Kim – 서울 이곳은 (Acoustic Ver.) (Seoul, This Place (Acoustic Ver.))

로이킴 – 서울 이곳은 (Acoustic Ver.)

There are some other characters whom we’ve met but have not gotten into their stories with much depth yet.  Other than that his name comes from his love of the Hai Tai Tiger’s Baseball Team and that he loves playing computer games, we’ve still got a lot to learn about Hae Tae.  Though he doesn’t really get along with Sam Chun Po at first, I can’t wait for their bromance to bloom.

Jo Yoon Jin (Tiny G’s Min Do Hee) pretty much keeps to herself, hiding behind her hair.  There’s also the random outburst of cursing after she learns that Na Jung nor her were able to capture a picture of their favorite celebrities.  While Na Jung is passionate about basketball, Yoon Jin spends just as much energy fangirling over Seo Taiji.

While Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa’s role are the parents of the main character, it isn’t exactly a role reprisal.  However, I love their chemistry.  They oversee the ongoings in the house as well as provide hilarious generational commentary.

We’ve only got introduced to Bing Geu Re (B1A4’s Baro) named after his everlasting smile and Chil Bong Yi (Yoo Yun Suk) who got the nickname for being a skilled pitcher who shutout 7 games.  Don’t know much about them other than what I’ve seen from Episode 0 but I’ll wait to discuss their characters later.

Those are our main characters but we also got some great cameos in the first week with Hong Suk Chun playing an ROTC officer, Na Young Seok PD playing a young broadcasting student and Politician Huh Kyung Young playing the high IQ student.

I have to admit that Na Young Seok PD’s cameo cracked me up with the Bokbulbok session and the subsequent “Ddaeng” he gleefully shouts out as Sung Dong Il mistakenly selects the fish sauce instead of the coffee.

The warm characters, the laughter and the coming of age story is what made me love the first series.  And it looks like we’ll get another round of that again.  Looking forward to more.


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