Just Bananas About: Week of 10/28/13

It’s The Good Wife episode we’ve been waiting for all season.  Last week, Diane (Christine Baranski) informs Will (Josh Charles) that Alicia (Juliana Marguiles) and Cary (Matt Czuchry) have been planning to start their own law firm with the other 4th year associates and some of Lockhart Gardner’s top clients.

Let’s just say that Will didn’t take it too well.  This episode is aptly titled Hitting the Fan.

Will gets the other partners to help vote Alicia out.  Despite being given an exit package, Diane continues to help Will out.  It’s strange that Will has felt like he’d been betrayed by Diane which lead to her being pushed out herself but until that paperwork has been signed, she remains loyal to the firm.

Diane confronts Cary and gives him a lecture on betrayal but learns a few tidbits about Chumhum.

Will, Diane and David Lee (Zach Grenier) get a restraining order against Alicia and associates before they could get a meeting with Chumhum.

While the news starts to leak out about Alicia’s firing, Diane checks in with Eli (Alan Cumming) to make sure that her judgeship isn’t in jeopardy.  He assures her that she has nothing to worry about.

The two sides take it to court and while Lockhart Gardner wins keeping the restraining order in place.  I love that David calls them “Judas” when Alicia calmly turns around and tells them that she’s tired of them taking all the credit while the underlings do all the work.  She vows to take all their clients and then Florrick Agos dish out a restraining order of their own.

Everyone must now take up a side and that also includes Kalinda (Archie Panjabi).

The two sides decide to pull back the restraining order and allow each side one hour with Neil Gross to fairly compete for his services.  However Neil Gross is a bit uncomfortable with the Governor-elect and how his ethical administration would affect his business if he went with her.

Ultimately the closer becomes Peter (Chris Noth) when he learns that Alicia has been fired.  He doesn’t mince words with Will telling him just how he feels about the fact they slept together.

The newly elected Governor has been trying to play things very ethically but his feet gets muddied when he gives a press conference suggesting that Internet commercial enterprises should also not be exempt from paying taxes which has Chumhum running back to Alicia.

To Eli’s surprise, Peter asks him to draw up a new list for the judgeship.  The lines are drawn and the war is in full effect.

Very exciting episode but you knew that it would be.  Although the lines are drawn for our characters, the answer is a bit more ambiguous for me.  I’m a little unsure of which side to root for as I like the people on both sides.  However you knew the tension was building ever since the 4th years were given partnerships and then they were impetuously taken back.  But I could also argue that Alicia could have taken her own advice and left weeks ago.  We’ll see who is left standing in the end and who is left licking their wounds.


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