Jive Monkey Playlist: 11/1/13

If Sung Shi Kyung is today’s ballad prince, then that title went to Shin Seung Hoon in the 90’s.  The 90’s ballad prince has aged a bit and his title has been upgraded to the ballad king.  Back in 2010, he celebrated his 20th Anniversary with the release of his best hits as well a bunch of songs gifted to him by other artists.  Three years later, this singer-songwriter released his latest album titled “Great Wave”.

While he previously released the song “내가 많이 변했어 (I Have Changed A Lot)” which features Dynamic Duo’s Choiza, this album’s title song is “Sorry”.  It’s your traditional ballad with a very simple melody but I like that less is more.  I’ve always loved that his ballads are so great to play on the piano.

As many Korean parents who force their kid to take up an instrument, I thought that if I had to play the piano I might as well play something I enjoyed.  I’ve liked playing Shin Seung Hoon’s music on the piano.  His songs are challenging enough that made it fun to play without it being too difficult and the melodies were always so beautiful.  This one is no different.

신승훈 – Sorry


I’m Sorry 숨길 수가 없나 봐
나의 눈물이 너도 힘들 텐데
I’m Sorry 겨우 할 수 있는 말
내가 없이도 넌 괜찮은 거니

사랑했던 나를 반쯤은 미쳐있던 나를
널 위해 꿈을 꾸던 나를
한 번쯤 돌아보며
울어주길 바라나 봐

아직도 내 기억들이 따끔거리길
내 소식 전해들은 날엔
바람이 차길
기웃거리는 내 마음 알아차리길
이런 바램이, 내 못난 사랑이
너를 더욱 아프게 하길

Sorry 내게 가르쳐 줄래
우리 사이에 남은 건 있는지
Sorry 아직 기다리나 봐
대답이 없음도 대답일 텐데

헤어지던 날이
모든 게 무너지던 밤이
끝내 다 하지 못한 말이
나처럼 너에게도 남아 있길 바라나 봐

아직도 내 기억들이 따끔거리길
내 소식 전해들은 날엔
바람이 차길
기웃거리는 내 마음 알아차리길
이런 내 바램이, 내 못난 사랑이
너를 더욱 아프게 하길

나의 욕심이 더 커지지 않게
너를 위해서 내가 꼭 해야 하는 건

한 걸음 물러나 너를 보내주는 일
나 무심한 척 너의 곁을 지나치는 일
기웃거리는 내 마음 타이르는 일
보고 싶어도 참아야 하는 일
서둘러서 잊어주는 일


지금도 니가 보고 싶어


I’m Sorry, I must not be able to hide it
My tears must also be hard on you
I’m Sorry, the only thing I can say
Will you be alright without me?

The one you loved, me, half crazy, me
For you, dreamt dreams, me
If I turn around once and look,
must be hoping that you’d cry for me

My memories are still stinging
On the day you hear news about me,
hope the winds are cold
My prying heart, will you notice it?
With this hope, my foolish love
May continue to hurt you more

Sorry, will you teach me?
If there’s anything remaining between us
Sorry, I must still be waiting
A lack of response could be the response

The day we broke up,
the night where everything fell apart
Let’s end things, unable to say it all
Like me, must be hoping that you have things remaining

My memories are still stinging
On the day you hear news about me,
hope the winds are cold
My prying heart, will you notice it?
With this hope, my foolish love
May continue to hurt you more

So that my greed does not grow any bigger
For you, the thing I need to do

Retreating back a step, sending you off
Pretending to be indifferent, passing by you
My prying heart persuading
Though I miss you, I need to hold it in
Hurry up and forget you

It’s a lie

Even now I miss you

If I’m going to do a write-up about Shin Seung Hoon, it only seems appropriate to write about the first Shin Seung Hoon album I ever bought back in 1994. The title song (as well as the album title) were “그 후로 오랫동안 (For a Long Time After That)” was one of the hit ballad songs of the year. Although the song is cheesy, I still love it after all these years.

Upon watching the music video again, I totally forgot that Actress Kim Ji Ho was the girl in the video. She was the It-Girl of the 90’s; she was my Jennifer Aniston when it came to hair-spiration (hairstyle inspiration) back then. I remember loving her with a young Bae Yong Jun from the drama, 사랑의 인사 (Sarang ui Insa), whose title I’ve seen translated as Love Greeting or Salut D’Amour, for that touch of international French flavor. Aaah, the memories.

신승훈 – 그 후로 오랫동안

그 후로 오랫동안

우연인지 몰라도
내가 눈물흘릴때마다
하늘에서 비가내렸어
익숙해져버린난 그냥
너의 슬픈눈을 보면서
차가운 한마디 울지마

하지만 이제라도
그때처럼 비가 내리면
눈물을 흘리고 있어
내겐 너무나도 소중한
니가 내곁에 없다는 이유로 나
비와함께 울고있었던거야

내리는 비만큼 나도 울었어
하지만 더욱 견딜수가 없는건
어디선가 너도 나처럼
울고 있다는생각에

하늘이여 나를 도와줘
그렇게 울고있지말고
내님이 있는곳 너도 쉽게 알수있잖아
내가살아있는 동안에 한번만이라도 그대를
우연일지라도 너를 믿을께
너의 눈물 맞으며…

For a Long Time After That

Don’t know if it was by coincidence
When I would shed tears
It rained from the heavens
It’s just something I got used to
When I look at your sad eyes
Don’t cry at my cold remark

But even now
When it rains like then
Tears begin to fall
The thing that’s important to me
The reason that you’re not next to me
Together with the rain, I was crying

For a long time after that
The rain fell,
as much as the falling rain I also cried
But the unbearable thing is
Somewhere you’re also, like me,
The thought that you’re crying

Heavens, please help me
Don’t just stand there crying
You can easily find out where my love is
While I’m alive, just once with her
Even if it’s by accident, I’ll believe in you
As I’m hit by your tears…


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