Just Bananas About: Week of 11/4/13

When Haven ended its last season, let’s say I was disappointed.  However, the great thing about American shows is that they have the ability to redeem itself with their new season.  We last left off with Audrey and Duke entering the barn and disappearing and Nathan is left while meteorites fall to Earth.

It took quite a few episodes before Audrey/Lexie (Emily Rose) returned to Haven as she was stuck in alternate reality within the barn while Duke (Eric Balfour) was promptly ejected out into Boston.  Discovering that six months had gone by, Duke sought out Nathan (Lucas Bryant) who has since left the police force.  Duke and Nathan work on getting Audrey back and the Guard aims to kill Nathan for causing the Troubles to continue and abandoning Haven.  With Audrey’s return, the Guard thinks all their problems will be solved when she kills Nathan but she’s now taken on a new personality, Lexie.  So it’s upon Nathan to make Lexie fall in love with him again despite the fact that he’s still in love with Audrey.  The only thing is that Audrey is pretending to be Lexie in order to save Nathan.

So that’s the season in a nutshell.  We’ve got a few Dexter alums making their appearance in Haven this season with Christian Camargo playing Duke’s brother Wade and Darri Ingolfsson playing Jack Driscoll, relative of Reverend Driscoll.  Although Jack and the rest of his family has never been one of the Troubled, in the most recent episode he discovers that he has the ability to send out a pressure bubble that replicates being deep underwater.  He’s able to crush everything within his radius.  Audrey and Nathan discover that something is causing the Troubles to mutate allowing certain abilities to transfer onto other individuals as represented by a hand print that only Audrey can see.

After discovering his family’s troubles, Wade is unable to control his urges so Duke takes his out after he goes after Jennifer (Emma Lahana).  When he takes Wade out, he cures himself of his own curse.  Although Jennifer tries to comfort him, he pushes her away.  The shady Duke Crocker suddenly finds himself the dependable guy who tries to help everyone out and decides to leave Haven.  However, the discovery of Jack’s newly found Trouble keeps him in town.

Despite my reservations whenever a new character shows up, I do love Jennifer.  I’m looking forward to learning more about her connection to Agent Howard and the town of Haven.  For now, I’m just enjoying her and Duke in all their gushy newness.  While Duke can be the bad boy, she’s more of a cute adorkable type and I’m loving the balance.

As for that weird horseshoe crab thing that spells impending doom.  Hmm, all I can think of when I see that is Simply Irresistible.  *shudder*

Adding to that, can we all say fi-nal-ly about Audrey and Nathan?  What I hated about last season was the tiptoeing around each other.  The I’m into you, no I’m not into you thing was really pissing the hell out of me.  I was really skeptical when Audrey came back as Lexie but thankfully it was a ruse and all is right with the world again.

Oh yeah, except the thing where Audrey has to kill the one she loves (aka Nathan) in order to save Haven.  That little hiccup.  We’ll see how that gets resolved and what brings William (Colin Ferguson) to town.  Though I just want to call him Sheriff Carter.


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