First Impressions – Sleepy Hollow: Ep. 1 – 6


While on a mission for General George Washington, Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) dies in the midst of the Revolutionary War in 1781.  He wakes up in present day Sleepy Hollow after the Headless Horseman is revived from his watery grave.  Lt. Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) decides to postpone her acceptance into FBI’s Quantico Academy in  order to investigate the Headless Horseman after it beheads her mentor and partner, Sheriff August Corbin (Clancy Brown).

There’s a lot of spooky television on the tube these days and whether one is considered a success or not does not solely depend on whether it scares.  Sure, it does help but the success of the show depends on whether it entertains.

The thing that drew me to this show was that I loved this original Washington Irving tale.  Although the show has had to make licenses as there not enough in the tale to make an entire series out of it.  That’s perfectly okay with me since The Book of Revelations has far more to offer on an episodic scale.

The main threat of the Four Horseman and the looming apocalypse is compelling enough to tie the mystery together week after week but that’s not really the thing that I look forward to with each new episode.  The chemistry between Ichabod and Abbie needs some work.

Although their sarcasm works to keep the humor alive, I wanted to know more about their characters’ backstories and it was only in the most recent episode that we got a great deal of insight.  It helps in that I want to know why I’m rooting for their character.  Obviously, I want evil to be vanquished but I’m not entirely convinced The Witnesses have to be the ones to do it.

My favorite thing about the show is how it makes references to Ichabod Crane conforming to the present day which is often met with witty remarks.  For example, the scene when Abby gives Ichabod a gun and he throws it away after one shot.  She asks him why he didn’t keep on shooting to which he asks, ‘There’s more than one?’  Or when he has an in-depth conversation with the On-Star representative after she opens the car door for him.  That makes the show a lot of fun.

Ultimately, Sleepy Hollow is an easy show to watch that doesn’t require too much thinking.  I’m just waiting to see what unfolds instead of trying to piece the mystery together ahead of the storyline.  The sarcastic humor works great for the show but it does feel like there’s something missing with our main characters.  I feel like I need to get a better sense of their history and characteristics in order to be convinced why I should care about them.  What motivated them before they became chosen ones because as far as chosen ones go, they’re a bit bland.



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