Just Bananas About: Week of 11/18/13

Well, Yoo Sung Eun has been having quite a year.  She officially debuted late this past summer but many people may remember her on The Voice of Korea’s Season 1.  I even featured her on a playlist post a couple months ago and she just seems to be cranking out good songs.  They also fixed her makeup which was a huge distraction in “Be Ok”.

She’s done her share of OSTs from Strange Housekeeper to Who Are You.  The latter song which I still love and I still play on iPod.

Yoo Sung Eun – 사랑이 자라서 (As My Love Grows)

유성은 – 사랑이 자라서

She’s also recently released another single with the title song, “Healing”.  Not only is the song addictively good but the music video is quite beautiful.  Yoo Sung Eun has done the music video where she’s on stage with a mic before.  The director of her music video really likes to focus on her eyes.

It strikes me that she’s a great vocalist but perhaps not a skilled dancer yet.  However, the video also pairs a classic gayageum player (Lee Honey’s older sister) with a modern beatbox DJ mixer as well as several dancers from different genres.

유성은 – Healing


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