Just Bananas About: Week of 1/6/14

Happy New Year!  And with the new year fans are finally given the answer to how did Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) survive the fall?  (Or did we?)

The long anticipated return of Sherlock came on New Year’s Day in the UK.  We could have easily been disappointed as expectations were extremely high as evidenced by the ratings for the first episode.

However, I think The Empty Hearse did an excellent job satisfying all types of fans.  From the serious conspiracy theorist to the fan fic set.  My opinion is that the show gave us an answer but I don’t think it was the answer.  I suppose that’s for each viewer to decide.

It certainly made me laugh a lot.  Not only was I glad to see this duo back on screen but it was nice to see many other familiar faces (some of them donning unwanted facial hair).

It also brought us some new faces but the show managed to keep it all in the family, as it were.  Disappointing Watson’s (Martin Freeman) expectations, Sherlock’s parents seemed very normal.  They were played by Benedict Cumberbatch’s actual parents.  Watson had moved on and planned to propose to his girlfriend, Mary Morstan (Amanda Abbington), when Sherlock interrupted them.  Amanda Abbington is Martin Freeman’s live-in partner/common law wife.

Molly (Louise Brealey) also got some decent screen time as she informed Sherlock that she moved on from him.  Except that everyone can see her new guy seems to resemble a certain someone.

Yesterday, the drama returned to their regularly scheduled night with the second episode, The Sign of Three.  Which we saw Sherlock trying to help the couple prepare for their wedding.  Despite warnings that things will change once the Watson and Mary they become wed, I like that Mary kept trying to push the buddies together.  The show did such a great job in making her so likeable.  In the past, I’ve been very apathetic to that character.  But did anyone else catch the horns appearing behind her head in the scene below?

Oh and the stag party, now that’s a scene that begs rewatching.  Definitely need more opportunities for Sherlock to get drunk.  So entertaining.

At first, it seemed like Sherlock’s best man speech would be a comical disaster but despite a rough start he gave quite a touching speech.  He even got along with the Maid of Honor.  She found his detective skills useful in trying to get laid that night.

After solving a case, wishing the couple well and giving them some surprising news, the reality sets in as Sherlock finds himself alone again.  I’m bummed that we’re already at the final episode already but since these first two episodes have mostly been light, I’m worried about what’s to come in the third episode.

We’ve seen a glimpse of the villain (who by the way is played by Mads Mikkelsen’s (aka Hannibal) brother, Lars Mikkelsen).  What does he have in store for our duo?  Final episode airs next Sunday in the UK before the premiere on PBS in the US on January 19th.


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