Just Bananas About: Week of 1/13/14

2014 is off to a good start in dramaland if You From Another Star is any indication.  We are almost at the halfway point and things are really heating up.  Plus, later updates on last night’s Golden Globes.

The thing I like the most about the show are our main leads.  I’m sorry I keep referring to the steamy scene in The Thieves but c’mon on.  That was a hot scene and showed these two have really great chemistry with each other.  The two are everything you could want in a romcom lead, silly, funny and most importantly tug at the viewers heartstrings during those emotional scenes.

As an alien, Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) may be unfamiliar with normal human emotions so it was really telling for him in the first scene of Episode 7.  He had become afraid of hearing Chun Song Yi’s (Jun Ji Hyun) answer to her childhood friend’s proposal.  His solution was to run away.

However every time he encountered Song Yi, he’d become frustrated for various reasons.  Her insisting on eating in front of the TV and then dissing her BFF/actress Yoo Se Mi (Yoo In Na) who had taken over the lead role in her drama.  Or knocking over and breaking several old dishes and pottery, who unbeknownst to her were actually priceless, historical artifacts.

Not that she’s alone being embarrassing.  She discovered the shoes of hers that he had taken because he had a premonition that she’d slip and fall to her death.  Although she assumes he has a shoe fetish.

Speaking of which, as Min Joon keeps trying to save Song Yi’s life, she’s starting to get suspicious of him.  Are the things that she has seen real or is she going crazy?

Like the truth is so easy to reveal.  He’s just an alien with superpowers.  That’s all.

I can’t say that our villain is very intimidating.  I understand that the drama is a little out there what with an alien and all but Lee Jae Kyung (Shin Sung Rok) is a bit much for me to handle.  Every time he twirls his ring around his finger, I just picture one of those cartoon villains twirling their mustache.  I don’t see him as much of a threat but rather as a joke and I’m not sure if that’s the way this drama wants me to feel about him.

Luckily, there’s plenty that I like about the drama which includes some of the other couples.  I love the relationship and her ex-manager.  Haha, she promised to treat him real rough and awful when she makes her comeback.

The relationship between Min Joon and Lawyer Jang (Kim Chang Wan) is also super cute as Lawyer Jang pouts over the fact that Min Joon got a cell phone at Song Yi’s insistence when he’s been asking him for years to get one.  Not only that but she’s number 1 on his speed dial while Lawyer Jang is merely number 2.

I know that Se Mi is struggling with her second fiddle jealousy when it comes to Song Yi but I like her.  Although I think she deserves better than the self-absorbed Hwi Kyung (Park Hae Jin), I love that she finally admits her crush.  Hwi Kyung advises her that she call her 10 year-old crush and tell him and she does.  It just takes a few minutes for his thick head to realize that Se Mi’s crush is him.

Finally, I can’t finish this post without bringing up the final scene of Episode 8.  Song Yi says that she can win over anyone with just 15 seconds, the length of commercials.  So she sets the clock and prepares to win Min Joon over.  The only thing she doesn’t know is that she’s already done that.

Just as the clock is about to run out, Min Joon pulls Song Yi in for a kiss.  Eeeeee!!!  How much do I love that he’s the one pulling her in because I had so put money that she was going to kiss him first?  Well, she did kiss him first but that one didn’t count as she was drunk.  Him pulling her in means that he’s become aware of his feelings and acting on it.  I have so many questions mainly about the alien on earth thing, his abilities and etc.  Can’t wait to see what unfolds next.


I’ll admit that I totally forgot about this year’s awards and was only reminded of it this morning while watching the news hence the last post today.  However, I wanted to make a few comments on some of the winners at last night’s Golden Globe awards.  12 Years a Slave and American Hustle won Best Picture in the Drama and Comedy category, respectively.

I was a little surprised to see Leonardo DiCaprio won Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Comedy.  One, because DiCaprio is so often overlooked at these kind of award ceremonies.  He’s nominated pretty often but winning, not so much.  Plus, it was in a comedy category.  Not sure what that means for the Oscar pool but I’m still reluctant to my money on him.

Jennifer Lawrence wins for Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Comedy.  That’s hot off the heels of her Golden Globes win last year for Silver Linings Playbook.  This year it was for American Hustle which was also directed by David O. Russell.  American Hustle also won Best Picture, Comedy.  She had a really great 2013 and it looks like 2014 will be just as good, if not better.  I really dig her and the fact that she hilariously photobombed Taylor Swift during her interview?  Awesome.

And for television, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and its star Andy Samberg won for Best Comedy and Best Actor in a Comedy Series.  I don’t watch this show but my friend has a lot of good things to say about it so I wasn’t surprised since the other nominees are all shows we’ve seen before in this category.

Finally, can we get a standing ovation for Breaking Bad and Bryan Cranston?  But that may just be my bias speaking.


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