Just Bananas About: Week of 1/20/14

It’s been a long time since I wrote a Monday Bananas fangirl post about the weekend K-Variety programs.  This weekend there were a few notable endings and new beginnings.

On Dad! Where Are You Going?, it was the final trip for our dads and their kids as it was the end of Season 1.  On the evening of their arrival on Jeju island, the kids picked their favorite meals and both the kids and the dads presented each other with individual awards.

The next morning they hiked up Mount Halla but after hiking all the way up there Jun Soo was too tired to take a group picture with everyone.

After the trip, the production staff gifted all the kids with a photo album of their year on the show.  The kids could see how much they had grown since the very first trip to the changes in the relationship with their dads.  I like that Yoon Min Soo admitted that he still had to work on getting closer with Hoo and Joon is now able to see a friendlier side to his dad, Sung Dong Il, rather than an angry authoritarian.

Starting next week, we’ll begin to see some new dads and their kids for Season 2.  But the dads who are returning are: Yoon Min Soo and his son, Hoo, Kim Sung Joo and his 2nd son, Min Yul, Sung Dong Il and his daughter, Bin.  I’m really excited to see that Sung Joo and Dong Il will be back but with different children as I think it will be a different kind of dynamic.  Especially for Dong Il as bringing a daughter is so different than bringing a son around, plus Bin’s personality is a lot like his.

As for the new dads, they are Soccer Player Ahn Jung Hwan, Actor Ryu Jin and Singer Kim Jin Pyo with their kids.  Ahn Jung Hwan can only sigh after his son is seen running around without any underwear, Kim Jin Pyo struggles with brushing and styling his daughter’s hair and Ryu Jin confesses to Kim Sung Joo that he doesn’t even know how to make ramyun.  Oy, will it be up to Yoon Min Soo, Kim Sung Joo and Sung Dong Il to show the new dad how it works around here?


I have gushed about We Got Married couple Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon, felt pity for Jung Yoo Mi every time Husband Jung Joon Young did something childish, but it this latest couple that had cracking up this weekend.  The latest couple that has been added to the roster is 2PM’s Woo Young and Actress Park Se Young.  Of course all couples start off a bit awkwardly but this one takes the cake.  Everything that Woo Young can say or do wrong, he does.  I think even he’s aware that he’s just starting off on the wrong foot.

Case in point, he decides to play Se Young a song he wrote but he wrote it for his ex-girlfriend.  Then the lyrics talk about chocolate and lips meeting to which Se Young jokes that he must have taken her to the chocolate café that they were presently at.

Afterwards, they decide to make their own chocolate in an attempt to get closer to each other and as Woo Young makes chocolate baby breaths, because he said that he once got a bouquet of them for girl in the 2nd grade, she notes that his chocolate has a nice sheen to it.  He first says that he doesn’t know why it does until he realizes that he’s been licking his fingers in order to roll the chocolate.  Oy, Nickhun desperately needs to help his fellow member out.

I just don’t know what’s in store for this couple but I always imagined Woo Young to be the type that doesn’t get fazed easily.  Boy was I wrong.  Let’s hope he’ll be able to show a different side of himself next week.


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