Just Bananas About: Week of 1/27/14

Following last week’s conclusion of Season 1 for Dad! Where Are You Going?, this Sunday was the premiere of the Season 2 featuring the new cast.  While they didn’t technically go on a trip, the Dad/kid alums introduced themselves to some of the Dad/kid newbies.

Now that Hoo is the oldest at the age of 9, he’s got big shoes to fill and certainly he’s worried about being a good leader to the rest of the group.  However, I have no doubts that he’s up to the task.  As we’ve seen in Season 1, he sometimes tends to lose focus like all kids do but he’ll definitely be a warm and caring older brother to the cast.

Min Yul (6) is one of the youngest but we’ve already seen how much enthusiasm he exudes.  His dad, Kim Sung Joo, gives him a task which is a lot like the missions kids get on the show.  Can Min Yul go to the store and buy some snacks with 10,000 won (approx. $10) that his dad gives him?  His dad draws him a map and gives him a shopping list such as 2 coffees, orange juice and snacks.

Min Yul heads out and Kim Sung Joo secretly follows behind him.  He heads to a café first to buy, not 2 can coffees, but 2 Iced Americanos.  He surely has luxurious tastebuds.  He spends most of his money on the coffees that he discovers there’s not money leftover to buy a package of ramyun.  It’s kind of adorable how he doesn’t really understand that he doesn’t have money and runs across the street with the ramyun to look at different snacks.  Then realizes he hasn’t paid for the ramyun when the PD asks him about it.

As for Sung Bin (7), she’s excited to be going on these weekend trips with her dad.  I am simultaneously saddened and delighted that her response to being heard that she was cast on the show was, ‘Dad, so you do love me.’  I guess there is something about being the middle child but seeing how close Sung Dong Il grew with his son Joon over the course of a year and the fact that Sung Dong Il is also a middle child might help him to grow closer to Bin.

I love her frankness and it shows when she attempts to eat the not-so-spicy kimchi that Ahn Jung Hwan had prepared because she’s a kid.

We’re still getting to know the new cast members.  There’s Ahn Ri Hwan (7) who seems very playful and has a lot of energy.  I thought it was fun to see him bouncing around on the couch, walking across the coffee table only to reset the pillows and fix the table runner.  Although I wasn’t surprised to see that he got along so well with Bin.  They’re the same age and although she’s wearing a dress, she made herself at home inside his room tent.

Another surprising thing I learned was that former World Cup Soccer Player Ahn Jung Hwan actually knows how to cook.  Sure, he whipped up something simple but any type of cooking skills will prove to be helpful in the field.

As for Actor Ryu Jin, that’s another story.  He can barely make a package of ramyun without having to refer to the instructions on the packaging.  He even measures out the water and sets a timer.  Not sure how that’s going to work out in the field as they might not end up with all their tools and ingredients at their disposal.

His son is Im Chan Hyung (8) and as Ryu Jin explains that his real name is Im Yoo Jin so all their kids have the Im surname.  Chan Hyung is his oldest kid and he certainly has a lot to say about the Season 1 cast’s trip to New Zealand.  Wonder how that’s going to go when he finds himself in the Korean countryside next week.

Finally, there’s Kim Kyu Won (5) who is Rapper Kim Jin Pyo’s daughter.  She’s quite shy but takes an immediate liking to Hoo.  Just like many girls her age, she loves princesses and tries on several princess outfits.  It’s quite a change of place for Kim Jin Pyo who probably leaving the dressing up and hair brushing to his wife.  He tries to seek a compliment after getting Kyu Won already but I love that his wife goes, ‘Yeah that’s great but it took you 40 minutes.’  Ha.

So next week is officially the groups first trip and I can’t wait.  This intro episode provided a good insight into the different families, the personalities of the dads and the kids and already it looks like the dads are learning something new about their kids personalities themselves.  Here’s to a great Season 2 of Dad! Where Are You Going?


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