Just Bananas About: Week of 2/28/14

I’m back from vacation.  The Winter Olympics are over and the hopes that preempted programming would help me catch up by now… and I’m still working on that.  I’m almost caught up and I know I owe you some reviews which I hope to get to in one fell swoop this weekend.  However if you’re confused about seeing a Bananas post today, no, the world hasn’t gone upside down.  I mentioned on Monday that I am trying a new schedule out.  I’m wrapping up the week now with my fangirl item(s) of the week and hoping the playlist posts would jumpstart your week with a new track.  As for this week, let’s talk sitcom and dramas…

I have previously mentioned how much I’ve been liking Potato Star because of its varied and warm characters.  Two of those characters are Noh Soo Young (Seo Ye Ji) and Jang Yool (Jang Ki Ha).  When Soo Young was first introduced to us, she had returned home from studying abroad in the States.  She also brought back her American boyfriend, Julien (Julien Kang), but promptly broke up with him on arrival to Seoul.  She was painted as a stuck-up brat and I wasn’t her most ardent fan in the beginning.  However, she became such an endearing character when she started going after the slow-to-respond Jang Yool.  Her rapid fire talking compared with his lethargic quietness was just hilarious to watch.

Out of that bloomed a relationship with Soo Young looking forward to marriage.  As expected Soo Young comes from a well-to-do family while Jang Yool is poor and lives in one-room, basement apartment.  Her parents were less than pleased.  While Soo Young wanted to marry in secret, Jang Yool stepped up to the plate and formerly ask permission for her hand.  After a legal-like proceeding in which Jang Yool barely got to speak, he was ultimately rejected.

Patient as ever, Jang Yool sat outside the home, in the cold, to just get a chance to speak with the fast talking family.  Which eventually resulted in him getting hypothermia and having to go to the hospital.  Seeing the ambulance, Soo Young ran down the stairs but slipped and fell on her head which required her to go to the hospital as well.  Hye Sung (Yeo Jin Goo) seems to be Soo Young’s only supporter as he continues to remind the family that she wouldn’t have gone to the lengths that she’s gone if she didn’t really love him.  I really do hope that things work out for the two of them.

On the other hand, I wish Min Hyuk (Go Kyung Pyo) would take some notes from Jang Yool and step up to the plate about his feelings about Na Jin Ah (Ha Yun Soo).  We’ve had a few fakeouts on the show in which you’d think he was going to reveal his feelings but learn that they’re his fantasies.  My patience is starting to wear thin.  But I do love Go Kyung Pyo and he easily makes me forget that I was annoyed every time he makes a cute gesture of his feelings towards Jin Ah.


Though the light breezy pacing of Potato Star is completely different from Full Sun, there is something about this drama’s main pairing that makes me ‘ship them as well.  Plus, Yoon Kye Sang worked with the writers and producers of Potato Star before in the High Kick series.  Anyways I digress.  The trailer for this drama was really intriguing.  I don’t know who the marketing copywriters were for this KBS series but the plot summary written in both Korean and English were terrible.  So let me just take a moment to introduce this drama.

Jung Se Ro (Yoon Kye Sang) is the son of a con artist.  Han Young Won (Han Ji Hye) is a jewelry designer for her father’s company.  Her fiancé is the company’s precious stones dealer and when he is murdered on the night of a Jewelry Fair competition in Bangkok, Se Ro is falsely accused of his murder and sent away to jail.  Meanwhile, Young Won loses her fiancee and her reputation as an upcoming jewelry designer is tainted.  Five years later, Se Ro comes out looking for revenge.

Zitten – 고래 (Drama ver.) (Whale (Drama ver.))

짙은(Zitten) – 고래 (Drama ver.)

The cinematography for this drama is simply beautiful.  When I saw the trailer, I thought it was because they used Thailand as backdrop to set up the catalyst for our characters but I see now that the same look and feel of the drama continues in its second week.  Pay attention to how they play with light and shadow.  The drama doesn’t have clear lines of light and shadow like a noir film but they opted for hazy look.  That look seems to illustrate how both these characters color their world with their filter but the lies and betrayal that surrounded with keep them from seeing the whole picture.

We know that the Se Ro and Young Won will eventually fall in love but it’s going to a melo, uphill battle for these characters.  Se Ro confuses Young Won as the reason as to why he was sent away to jail and unable to save his father back then.  However I couldn’t understand at first why he blamed her since it is clear that Young Won is still so distraught with the loss of her fiancé.  It actually begun to grate on me until I realized that the fact is that they are both blinded by their own emotions.

Se Ro is blinded by his rage for revenge and Young Won is blinded by her grief.  The latter is something that Se Ro points out himself.  At the end of Episode 4, Se Ro is still angry but beginning to see that he was a bit misguided and I’m intrigued to see how that plays out as their relationship grows deeper.

I’m glad to see Kim Yoo Ri again because I so enjoyed her in Master’s Sun.  Jae In is a very different type of role but there’s a lot of character there for her to play with.

I’m also hoping to see more scenes with her and Jo Jin Woong who is one of the main reasons why I wanted to watch this drama.  He plays Park Kang Jae who plays an older brother type of figure to Se Ro and is helping him plot his revenge against Young Won’s company, Belle La Fair.  However, he was part of the crew that planned the diamond heist in Bangkok which lead to Se Ro’s arrest and his father’s death.

Se Ro knows part of the story but not all and it’s not going to be pretty when he finds out.  Yoon Kye Sang and Jo Jin Woong are another pair of actors that I’m excited to see together because they are explosive on screen together.

Why does Kim Young Chul always play that evil dad who refuses his daughter’s suitor(s)?  Maybe it’s just because he plays that role so well.  I get that he’s a great actor and he does prove it with the work he’s done before but I was hoping for more variety.  Plus, it doesn’t help that with visuals of him looking out the window through blinds.  Why is that usually the key visual we see whenever there’s a villain around?

While Se Ro is blinded by his own crew, Young Won is blinded by her dad but she doesn’t totally have the veil up about him.  There’s also the matter of her fiancé, Gong Woo Jin (Song Jong Ho), as it seems that she wasn’t up to date with all that he was up to before his death.

The drama is a melo but the chemistry between Yoon Kye Sang and Han Ji Hye works.  I’m fully prepared that it’s going to be a bleak ride and may not have a happy ending but the drama has a cast whose great at humanizing archetypal characters and I’m eager to see how the emotional elements move along this story of betrayal and loss.


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