[Review] Noonas Over Flowers: Ep. 1 – 8 – 꽃보다 누나: 1회 – 8회


Riding off the success of Grandpas Over Flowers, comes Na PD’s next hit for TVN, Noonas Over Flowers featuring veteran actresses with their Luggage Boy Lee Seung Gi.  I know I’m way overdue for this review but thought it might still be worth writing as the latest season of Grandpas Over Flowers doesn’t start until this Friday.  I’m looking forward to their trip to Spain which should provide lots of laughs but until then let’s take a look back at Lee Seung Gi’s trip with the ladies.

The “noonas” are, in order from oldest to youngest, Yoon Yeo Jung, Kim Ja Ok, Kim Hee Ae and Lee Mi Yeon.  Not that I expected the vibe to exactly the same with Grandpas Over Flowers but I was expecting more laughs than what we got with the first season of Noonas.  However, I have to say that while it wasn’t love at first sight with this show, the show does become more poignant as it goes on.

You know when you watch something and you could see a reflection of yourself in the show?  Sometimes you could appreciate it, other times maybe not so much?  I found myself taking this journey with the cast and relating to the women’s frustrations with Lee Seung Gi at the beginning of this trip.  On the one hand, I wish he was better prepared.  On the other hand, what’s so terrible about getting a bit lost and figuring things out as you go along?  That’s part of the adventure, no?

Kim Dong Ryul – 출발 (Departure)

김동률 – 출발

I know that that’s what Na PD wanted to capture with this show but in the first few episodes I could only feel the tension amongst the polite consideration they were extending towards one another.  Bottom line, I didn’t laugh much in the early episodes.

And you know what?  I became completely okay with that.  As the stress of being in an unfamiliar place began to die down and the banality of seeing a group of women trying to take control of the situation, the women began to show less of their alpha side and as they began to enjoy the trip, they showed a different side of themselves.  It’s so different than the way the halbaes are.

I think the show really started finding its pacing when Yoon Yeo Jung kept talking like a broken record.  About how she couldn’t poop, where she lost her ring and how she needed a new curling iron.  I could totally relate how sometimes we get fixed on one thing and suddenly the rest of our world comes to a standstill until we fix that one thing.  And yet, she’s a smart, independent woman who is pretty proficient in English.  It’s a great dichotomy.

I loved her friendship with Kim Ja Ok and how they take care of one another.  Kim Ja Ok brought some sheets from home so that Yoon Yeo Jung can sleep at night.  I love her free-spirited nature.  She really took the opportunity to take in some people watching and enjoy the culture of Croatia and Turkey.  It’s something that I often missing as I’m rushing off to one site after another to get as much in as possible in a short time as it’s the people that make up a place.

I love the scene in Episode 7 when Kim Hee Ae starts tearing up for no reason.  As women working in a modern world, we’re just engrained into thinking that we have to hold it all in and not show emotion to be considered as equals with men.  However, it’s completely okay to lean on one another and that’s the camaraderie that I loved the most about this group.

As totally clueless as Lee Seung Gi was at the beginning of the trip, it does dawn on me how he was this child star that had everything catered for him.  He doesn’t quite have street smarts but he does make it up with hard work and you could see how things go much more smoothly later on in the trip especially with Lee Mi Yeon’s guidance.  There are a lot unexpected heartfelt moments on this show and that’s what makes it so great.  I’m looking forward to the next season if there is one.



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