Just Bananas About: Week of 3/28/14

So as some of you may have read that I’m a bit behind on my reviews lately but I’m also a bit behind my American shows. To top that, I got the flu this weekend, then started off the week with a business trip out of town and got back home late Tuesday night to relax, nurse the remains of my flu and catch up on shows. One of my favorite American shows is The Good Wife because the writers are so great at layering their stories and giving the plot a one track line until suddenly they pull the rug from underneath you. Well they certainly did that to me this week. If you’re also a fan of the show and have not caught up, hopefully no one has ruined it for you yet because it is a doozy. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

It’s hard to keep a secret in Hollywood and many shows have tried. So I was really surprised to hear that Josh Charles had decided not to renew his contract a year ago. In fact, there was no hint that his character, Will Gardner, wanted to leave at all as usually that does give you a sign. Though, there were moments where I did feel Will was overly aggressive with his anger towards Alicia after her departure from the firm. Maybe that was a small sign that could have been leading somewhere. I don’t know but I’ve been watching Josh Charles since Sports Night so I’m very fond of this actor. I just was not prepared for how they wrote his exit.

We met Jeffrey Grant earlier this season when he was accused of killing Dani Littlejohn. Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) had shown doubts as to whether he was really innocent. It was only Will who felt bad for him, believed him and wanted to help him out. When we meet him again in this episode, he has been awaiting trial behind bars and it has not been easy for him. He shows up to court every day with a new bruise or scar. Kalinda and Will are scrambling to do whatever they can to help his case but jail and the thought of going away for life puts him in a very precarious mental state.

Jeffrey’s parents don’t think the case is going in Jeffrey’s favor so they start shopping around for new counsel which is highly unwarranted thing to do in the middle of a trial. Alicia (Julianna Marguiles) is firm with them that and tells them that Will is a great lawyer. As her own peace offering, she shares that piece of news with Will and they finally have a long laugh together after months of animosity.

Meanwhile, Alicia had her own battles to fight with Nelson Dubek and she felt that it was better to sit down with him to at least know what questions he was thinking about asking Will. Nelson decides to make his line of questioning personal and even reveals that he’s having Alicia followed which makes her smile. The only reason to make it personal is because he doesn’t have anything. I love this scene because she’s wearing this awesome white power suit and rocking fabulous poise. Nelson has no choice but to threaten that he’ll get Will to testify and leaves her office.

Back to the case, Kalinda finally has her breakthrough when she discovers that Jeffrey and Dani were brought in by the same paramedics who didn’t have time to change the sheets on the gurney which lead to how DNA could have been transferred from one person to another.

She tells Will the good news who is ecstatic and points out that this is why she does what she does. Previously, Kalinda had expressed doubts about staying on as an investigator and Will pointed out that they’re not like normal people. They thrive off the adrenaline of their field especially on breakthroughs like this one.

The sequence of events that happens next is a great bit of story editing from various points of view.  As Jeffrey is brought into court, Will notices another new scar. When the judge enters the room, Will asks for a sidebar and it’s interesting how we see this scene from Jeffrey’s point of view. He is beyond stressed and it appears like the lawyers and the judge are all laughing. The woman on the jury still has that look of doubt on her face. And then his eyes fall to the bailiff’s gun.

Then the show changes our perspective to Diane (Christine Baranski). She’s in another courtroom arguing a case when she hears the gunshots. She races out and see Kalinda and Kalinda races over to find out what’s going on.

All she can see is someone’s feet. One shoe on, other shoe off. As soon as she hears empty clicking, she knows that the gunman is out of bullets and she enters the courtroom to discover that Will is shot.

Later on in the hospital, they discover his body. He did not make it.

The next thing to do is to tell Alicia who is at a correspondent’s luncheon. After telling a cranky Eli the news, he pulls her aside. She sees that it’s Kalinda and picks up the phone.

I’m pretty surprised that after it aired I didn’t find out about it until I watched the episode myself but that was probably because I was in my own bubble for a few days. I have to admit that I didn’t shed a tear while watching this episode. However looking at previews next week, I think there’s going to be a lot of crying. I honestly don’t know what direction the show is going to go in now. I do have worries about that because what happens to the love triangle dynamic now.

Plus, we still don’t know whether Jeffrey Grant committed that first murder.  Will Alicia now defend him?  Because that would be interesting.  And I don’t think he purposely meant to kill Will but rather just loses it.  I’m impressed with the way they wrote this episode simply to show that you just don’t know when tragedy strikes. I’m glad that Will and Alicia’s last conversation was a pleasant one as they have been so contentious with each other this season. It was so hard to watch at times. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the writers have in store for us now. As for this coming Sunday, bring on the tissues. RIP Will Gardner.


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