Just Bananas About: Week of 4/4/14

I love Standing Egg. So I was surprised to see him make a cameo appearance, of sorts, on We Got Married. He’s one of those artists who prefers to remain anonymous and we often see his face covered by an egg graphic, hence a standing egg. Ha. However, he’s known with collaborating with many different artists, actors who sing, etc. This time, we got to see him collaborate again with Park Se Young.

I can’t say that I’m a fan of the Woo Young and Park Se Young couple on WGM. I mean, I loved, LOVED watching Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon. So I was so heartbroken to see them go. Actually I’m still heartbroken about it.  However, it was sweet to watch Woo Young come by and support his “wife” in the studio.

I can see that Woo Young tries hard but there were so many times where he falls short of being that guy you want to swoon over. Especially during their first few dates.  Like why would you mention your ex-girlfriend? And sing a love song about your ex to your new “wife”?  He’s really like one of those guys at the beginning of romcoms.  Everything they do in the beginning is wrong until the OTPs finally get on the same page.  Although I’m not sure when Woo Young is going to get there.

Recently, he tried to get Se Young to put her head on his shoulder while watching a movie in bed. Granted things are still new in their relationship so things are still awkward. She promptly rejected his offer of skinship.  His move just make the awkwardness, more awkward.  I mean, the girl was watching a Channing Tatum movie. Can you blame her?  Though I found his jealousy of Channing Tatum completely adorable.

Which brings me to this song, “내게기대 (Lean on Me)”. If only Woo Young had this song to work with that night. The song is super sweet and I love the harmony between Standing Egg and Park Se Young.

Standing Egg – 내게기대 (feat. 박세영) (Lean On Me (feat. Park Se Young))

스탠딩 에그(Standing Egg) – 내게기대 (feat. 박세영)

While I don’t think Park Se Young has the greatest or strongest singing voice, she’s got a delicate voice which is perfectly suited for this song. It’s worth watching the WGM segment and then listening to this song.


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