Just Bananas About: Week of 4/11/14

Did you know that it was National Sibling Day yesterday in the US? Well there’s a pair of siblings that I can’t get enough of, especially since their first album was released this week.

I first really heard Akdong Musician when they sang an OST track for All About My Romance. I loved the song so much that when I learned that they had won K-Pop Star 2, I went back to watch all of their performances.

I have two favorite performances of theirs. Tried to narrow it down to one but I honestly can’t choose between their self-written audition number, “Don’t Cross Your Legs” and a varied mashup of “Mmmbop”.

Before the competition, the pair were living in Mongolia with their parents. Lee Chan Hyuk is the older brother and he does most of the songwriting while Lee Soo Hyun has this great soprano-style voice. The awesome thing is that they both do the rapping and the singing and while the song styles are pop in nature, the blend of folk makes their sound unique.

Their name Akdong Musician comes from the Chinese characters 樂(Ak) 童(Dong) which means kids who do music. Recently they seem to be promoting an abbreviated version of their name, AKMU, which is an anagram of umak (음악) or music.

So I’ve been really looking forward to their debut album since they’ve joined YG and it is finally here. The album is called “Play” and all of the songs on the album are written and produced by Lee Chan Hyuk. Can I just say that he’s only 19 years old? The title song is called “200%” and it’s super cute.

악동뮤지션(AKMU) – 200%

My other favorite song on the album is called “인공잔다 (Astroturf)”. It’s a song about what’s fake and what’s real and about wanting something real. Like the saying, ‘The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence,’ but the truth of the matter is that while the fake grass may look nice, but it doesn’t make them happy.

Akdong Musician –인공잔다(Astroturf)

악동뮤지션(AKMU) – 인공잔디

I only singled out two songs above but I love the entire album from beginning to end. There are just so many great songs. They released a teaser video of the duo playing a sample of number of the album’s tracks in Jeju.  Though the take away from this video is that the collaboration between these siblings are really special. You can’t separate them. Sure, they tease each other and probably have arguments like all siblings do but they’re also very supportive of each other.


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