Just Bananas About: Week of 4/18/14

So last Sunday, B.A.P started their U.S. leg of their world tour with their first stop in New York.  It’s the 2nd time the group has had their own concert in the U.S. I didn’t quite make it to their first concert but I really wanted to see this one as I heard good things about the Seoul concert.

Full disclosure: I didn’t want to spend too much for this group as they are fairly new to the K-Pop scene and it was difficult to find seats together for my big party that we had to settle for nosebleed seats.

Frankly, the New York venue is so small and I’m just too old to be in the mix with energetic fans to be doing General Admission. So I’m disappointed with the quality of the pictures and videos due to an obscured view and an eager elementary school fan that had to stand on her seat just to get a view.

The concert overall was a lot fun with high energy. While they do occasionally incorporate the typical poppy style in their songs, they debuted as an idol group with a rock edge. I followed this group from the beginning but only because I love Leader Bang Yong Guk’s voice in his collaboration with Secret’s Song Ji Eun’s “미친거니 (Are you crazy?)”.  So that was my introduction to the group but I didn’t take an immediate liking to “Warrior” and “Power”. It had to slowly grow on me.

At times the group members had to calm the fans down during the concert. Before the start of “Coffee Shop”, they wheeled out their Starbaby Coffee cart (Baby being the name for their fanclub) and offered the crowd something to drink. Eager fans started to lean towards the stage in which they told the fans to calm down in their broken English. It was cute.

I had eagerly waited for the live performance of “No Mercy” as it is one of my favorite songs. Love the Gyeongsangdo accented rap and the modern interpretation of samulnori, a traditional Korean percussion quartet.

“Spy” is off of their most recent release and I love the song just for the mere silliness of it.

During a break, a pair of dancers came out to teach the crowd the Mato Planet dance which supposedly would make you the best dancer in the world. However, they came out wearing horse masks. Yes, you read that right. Horse masks. It cracked the audience up and it helped to get the crowd moving for the “Check On” number as it was incorporated into their dance performance.

“하지마 (Stop It)” is one of their first numbers that had the typical K-Poppy sound and I think it disappointed some fans. However, I find the song to be really catchy. So much so that it’s been a week and I’m still humming it.

Of course, the concert isn’t over until the crowd shouts encore and the group sings another song. One of the last songs sung is the title track off their first studio album, “First Sensibility”. I love the song 1004 (Angel) which is yet another poppy number but very, very catchy.

The concert was a lot of fun and while the show did have technical difficulties with the other and the LED screens in the theatre, I think the members handled themselves professionally.  Now if I could only teach them a bit more English.  Still, they’re a really great group overall and what’s important for a concert is their poise on stage.


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