Just Bananas About: Week of 4/25/14

When New Girl brought Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) together, I was all on board.  Though I was worried about getting bored with the couple, I think the show has done a good job in keeping the comedy alive.  Unfortunately, the pair discovered that they were on different pages in their relationship and decided to go separate ways.  The only issue with their cohabitation and subsequent separation is that the New Girl household is quite full these days.

Since Schmidt (Max Greenfield) has moved back into the loft, Jess is unable to move back into her old room which makes things pretty awkward between the two.  Jess is changing in the closet and Nick is writing notes to himself, Memento-style.  But that’s probably because they accidentally burned the bed.  First things first, they decide that it would be best if they alert the rest of the crew to their newly single status.

Outside they discover Winston (Lamorne Morris), Coach (Damon Wayans, Jr.) and Schmidt singing and bouncing along to the Cops theme song.  Winston has just been accepted into the police academy and wants to celebrate by having a Honey Roast, which is basically a roast except you say sweet things instead of dissing the honoree.  Not wanting to kill the celebratory mood, Nick and Jess keep their news to themselves.

Nick goes to the park to talk to his most trusted advisor, Tran (Yay, Tran!) and how he’s still hurting over the breakup.  He discovers, as Nick does most of the talking while Tran silently stares on, that the best way to get over it is by staying busy and announces to the group that he’s going to organize and host the roast.  Jess tells Cece (Hannah Simone) of her breakup and how she’s still hurting.  The two are feeling the same way and doesn’t want to admit it.

At home, Nick has not gotten off to a great start with the Honey Roast planning and he tells Coach about the breakup.  Coach reminds him how this day is all about Winston and I love that Coach recalls how adorably cute Winston is when he yawns.  Back at Cece’s, Jess tells her that she’s sad that Nick is so calm about the breakup comparing it to, “Like, he’s happier than me watching Coach watching Winston yawn.”  Cece suggests that Jess should try and talk to Nick about it offering to come along as support.

Back at home, Nick had put sunglasses on after taking Schmidt’s anxiety pills which has a twitchy eye side effect.  He tries to avoid talking which makes Jess think that Nick is completely fine with their breakup.  Outside in the living room, Coach and Cece finally clue Schmidt in.  Basically everyone in the loft knows except Winston, who shows up ready for his Honey Roast dressed in an all white tux.

Nick proceeds with the roast and we turn to Jess who is suddenly dressed like a cat.  She’s dressed as Furguson, Winston’s cat.  To help her sit through the roast, Cece gives her wine.

The best thing from this whole episode is when Jess gets drunk from the wine and slurs that she’s drinking “Catvernet, a Pinot Meowoir”.  Corny as it may be, that line literally had me on the floor.  Everyone is playing along and laughing along to Nick’s corny jokes when Jess takes the mic and roasts Nick, saying all sorts of embarrassing things she’s learn while being in a relationship with Nick.  Nick admits to not being okay about their breakup and now the cat is out of the bag.  Pun intended.

Later that night, Jess is on the couch watching Dirty Dancing, a Patrick Swayze flick that Nick always mixes up with Ghost.  They talk like they’re back to being friends again.  The episode ends as the song “Hungry Eyes” swells.

I’m not totally on board with the breakup yet (yes, I need time to heal as well) but I really liked this episode overall.  Though the relationship was short, the show has a done a good job in keeping things moving with their relationship, whether good or bad.  I do hope that there will be a reunion of this Odd Couple pair in the future.


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