Just Bananas About: Week of 5/23/14

I love Humming Urban Stereo.  When I first heard the single which is a remixed, updated version of the 2006 song, “SCULLY DOESN’T KNOW” featuring G.NA, I didn’t get the point.

No offense to G.NA as the track is aah-ight but frankly, I liked Shina-E’s version better as well as the counter track “Mulder Does Know”.  (“Mulder Does Know” is a pretty hilarious response to the first song and the opening monologue reminds me of the time I was in Korea ages ago and happened to catch a dubbed version of The X-Files on TV there.)  However, that they’ve released the entire album, titled “REFORM,” there are some tracks I’m really digging.

“REFORM” is a compilation of a few of Humming Urban Stereo’s hit tracks remade with new featured artists since it is their 10 year anniversary.  It’s a one-man music project of Lee Jeereen (aka Brown Bunny).  Although I say one-man music project, he frequently collaborated with Shina-E and Humming Girl (aka Lee Jin Hwa) that many considered them to be part of Humming Urban Stereo.  Sadly, Lee Jin Hwa passed away in 2012 due to heart disease.

My favorite Humming Urban Stereo song of all time is “Hawaiian Couple”.  The song is lyrically a simple song but it is super cute and catchy.

I was curious to see what the difference would be in the new version.  The originally is upbeat and I worried that there were so many ways they’ve could have gone wrong with the song and the featured artist.  However, I do like this slowed down version with Ladies Code’s Ashley and Brown Bunny (speaking of which, how about a new Instant Romantic Floor album, Brown  Bunny?).

I guess when you have a good song, it’s just simply a good song.  I’ve posted both versions along with the teaser video below.

Humming Urban Stereo – Hawaiian Couple

Humming Urban Stereo – Hawaiian Couple

Humming Urban Stereo – HAWAIIAN COUPLE (feat. Brown Bunny, Ashley of Ladies Code)

Humming Urban Stereo – HAWAIIAN COUPLE (feat. Brown Bunny, 애슐리 Of 레이디스코드)

The title track of the album is “지랄 (Bullshit),” featuring Narsha, and honestly I thought this was a totally brand new song when I first heard it.  That’s because the track is drastically different from the original track.

I don’t think it was first love at first ear from me when I heard the original which may account for why I’m not intimately familiar with the track.  However, considering the topic is about being betrayed and the song is called “Bullshit,” I felt that Shina-E’s original version was too soft in tone.  I really, really like Narsha’s version.  It just gives it that knife’s edge that not heard in the original and I like the electronic bass that kicks the track off.  See the new version in the video below and the original just below that.  What do you think?

Humming Urban Stereo – 지랄 (feat. 나르샤)

Humming Urban Stereo – 지랄

Humming Urban Stereo – 지랄


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