Just Bananas About: Week of 5/30/14

We are now less than two weeks away from the World Cup. Woop woop! Can you tell that I’m excited? So excuse me if I sound a little distracted. I just figured how to sync my Google calendar so that I could be alerted to all the matches. That’s why I’m excited to see that Our Neighborhood Variety Sports has finally moved on to soccer/football.

I’ve been wanting the show to do soccer ever since it first started. I’m a little sad that Lee Su Geun had to suspend his broadcast activities due to illegal gambling because he’s one celebrity who actively plays the sport in his free time. Certainly the guys on the show could use his help. It’s not that they completely terrible at it but they just started training and soccer is a team sport. You need to know and trust each other and the playing field is much bigger than a basketball court.

At the very least, I’m glad to see that they have Lee Young Pyo whom most might remember him from the 2002 World Cup. He’s a really great player even though he’s now retired but as some might have noticed, he hasn’t scored a lot of goals on ONVS. Lee Young Pyo is a defender and you could see that in his fancy footwork as he battles 3 opponents at the same time. He’s not a forward who can drive the ball into the net.

That role probably belongs to Shinee’s Choi Min Ho. Not only is he an idol known for being incredibly athletic, I learned through the show that his father is a soccer coach. Another great player is B2ST’s Lee Ki Kwang, another great idol athlete. As Lee Young Pyo points out, Ki Kwang tries to always be where the ball is, running incredibly fast across the field to defend or attack when he needs to.

Also a noteworthy player on the team is Singer Goo Ja Myung who I believe scored all 3 goals in the first match.  However, his appearance was downplayed on TV following his drunk driving accident.  He has removed himself from the show.

It wouldn’t be a variety sports show if it wasn’t funny. The player that makes me crack up the most has got to be Lee Kyu Hyuk, former national speed skating athlete, most recently seen in Winter Olympics earlier this year. He retired soon after the Olympics.

He’s incredibly fast but since he’s a sprinter, he can only run about a minute at a time before he gets super tired. He’s also clumsy on the field and often trips. I just assumed that if you’re steady on the ice, you’d be steady on solid ground. But I guess that’s not the case. What makes me love him even more is that he gets up and tries his hardest to score a goal for his team with a smile on his face.

The team lost their first real game, which I’m not surprised about, but I’m interested in seeing how they improve. I really think they need to start learning and practicing plays. I also want to see how the World Cup will actually factor into the show itself. Will the members get to go to Brazil? Because that would be awesome. Are you as excited as I am about the World Cup?


So I read this article yesterday in The Wrap about these four funny leading women in Hollywood. Even in the 21st Century, I think women are still trying to break that glass ceiling because the closer we get, the bar keeps getting higher. Featured in the article is Zooey Deschanel (New Girl), whom I adore, Anna Faris (Mom), Taylor Schilling (Orange is the New Black) and Mindy Kaling (The Mindy Project).

Sadly, I only watch New Girl. If only my full-time job was to watch and blog about TV and I didn’t have to pay any bills. I have to admit that Mindy’s voice is grating to me so that’s my sad excuse for not watching The Mindy Project. My DVR always seems to catch the beginning of that show as it airs right after New Girl but I hear the voice, grumble a bit about it and switch to something else. I don’t even hear the joke past the voice.

Having said that, I do think Mindy Kaling is a funny woman. On paper. Seriously, if you haven’t read it, you have to see her one-on-one Billy Crystal interview about When Harry Met Sally. Mindy Kaling is a Nora Ephron character, herself.

She’s also someone that many women can relate to because I guess he doesn’t look like the stick-skinny, perfect Hollywood women that we’re used to seeing. So many reporters and interviewers ask the question about her looks. The Wrap is no different but what I really loved was her response.

TW: So let’s talk about stereotypes of “hot.” Do you feel your character is an antidote to the impossibly perfect women we usually see on TV?

MK: Wait, am I this big fat ugly person with fat thighs and people think I’m like that? I think of myself as fine. I feel like I’m constantly receiving backhanded compliments about the show, and I never know how to respond.

My show is a reflection of I how feel. I have a nice dating life, and nice boyfriends. And on the show, the kind of guys I date are reflected from my real life — Max Greenfield, Seth Rogen. I don’t think it’s weird I’m dating them. It’s not Beauty and the Beast. But it’s such a weird thing to talk about.

I don’t want to be defensive. And you get into dangerous territory of accidentally seeming like I think I’m so hot or something. I love that I have an impact that makes girls feel better about themselves. But–I love Andy Samberg and I feel jealous he doesn’t have to answer those kinds of questions.

I provided the whole quote for you above but I love that she says, “I think of myself as fine. I feel like I’m constantly receiving backhanded compliments about the show, and I never know how to respond… …[but] I love that I have an impact that makes girls feel better about themselves.” Certainly, the men in Hollywood don’t get this kind of scrutiny the way women do but Mindy Kaling is far cry from a “big fat ugly person”. It’s kind of sad that our society has to be defensive about this kind of stuff.


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