Monkey Poo: Kicking Off for Another World Cup

It comes around once every 4 years. And every time there’s a world sporting event, people always wonder how their drama schedules are affected.

For me, I’m glad to not have to wake up at an ungodly hour just to watch the futbol matches lives. But another plus is that as far as I know it doesn’t appear like the K-Drama schedules will be affected, especially since Koreans (myself included) is pretty crazy about this sport.  Most of the matches will occur in the mornings if you’re going by KST so it doesn’t look like the drama schedules will be affected.  Unless of course, by some miracle, Korea makes it to the finals.  In the evenings, the broadcasters will only do highlights from the day and possibly rerun the matches only on late night after the drama’s primetime hour if there is room to shift the schedule.

For those that do want to watch the games live, you can head over to the FIFA World Cup site for the match schedule. Please note that Brasília time is 3 hours behind UTC/GMT or if you’re in the US, it is 1 hour ahead of EST/4 hours ahead of PST.

*Tonight, there is an international friendly tournament between South Korea and Ghana being played at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, FL.  Tomorrow night, there will be the final international friendly tournament between Portugal and the Republic of Ireland at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ.  Last chance to watch these teams before they head to Brazil.


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