Just Bananas About: Week of 6/20/14

Spring comes to an end and now we’re headed for another hot, hot summer. With all the dramas I’m watching these days, the thing that they all seem to have in common is the big reveal. The big reveal can consist of a plot element that the viewer is aware of but the characters have yet to be clued in. Some dramas hold out doing the big reveal until the last moment possible which I always hated because it’s a clear sign that the drama doesn’t have the layers it needs to complete the episodes. Recently, I’ve mentioned those reveals in some of the dramas I’ve been watching but we’ve reached the verge of another big reveal in Triangle.

Triangle hasn’t proven itself to be a perfect drama. The directing at times can be incredibly terrible focusing more on soapy reaction rather than a logical progression of emotions. However, I do think that idol actors like Kim Jae Joong and Im Shi Wan are proving that they are learning ways to improve their acting.

The overarching story that’s running in this drama is about these three brothers who were separated at a very young age. When will Jang Dong Soo (Lee Bum Soo) realize that he’s known his brothers all along?

While the youngest, Yoon Yang Ha (Im Shi Wan), has unknowingly set himself up to go up against Dong Soo and Heo Young Dal (Kim Jae Joong), I’m interested to see how Yang Ha and Young Dal discover that they are brothers especially because both of their love interests are Oh Jung Hee (Baek Jin Hee).  Nothing like a love triangle with your long-lost brother to make for an awkward family reunion.

I was totally preparing for the drama to wait for the revelation to happen at very end when one of the brothers’ lives is at stake and when the episode absolutely needs a climactic end. Weeell, at least we got one out of three. After Hwang Shin Hye (Oh Yeon Soo) conducts hypnosis on Heo Young Dal, Dong Soo notices the similarity between the story and what he remembers of his brothers.

Shin Hye decides to take Young Dal to the adoption home where Dong Soo left his brothers and Young Dal realizes that he’s Jang Dong Chul and immediately gets on the phone to his older brother.

Dong Soo is out drinking with an old cop buddy and takes the call outside where there’s a shady character waiting for him. And before Dong Chul can make the big reveal, Dong Soo is stabbed in the gut. Can’t say that I’m surprised but at least I can be pretty sure that at least this reunion is right around the corner.

Like I’ve mentioned before, the bigger reveal is when the older two realize that they must go against the youngest brother. I thought that maybe the drama would make Yang Ha’s adoptive dad turn out that he knew who Yang Ha was all along but it doesn’t seem like the drama will go in that direction, at least for now (thank god). However, I’m preparing myself for the fact that maybe not all of the brothers will make it out of this avenging the family scheme alive. I’d say that it’s a bit too early to say which brother that will be just yet.


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