Mmmusings: Sisters on Sisters

So I’m trying something new today. I’m going to be watching Jessica & Krystal and providing commentary.  I will be joined by my younger sister as soon as she finishes making the piña coladas. Summer drinks compliments this show so well. And what better way to enjoy the show than with my own sister going by the username, OinkNew. She likes pigs and Onew.

ON: Hi everyone. Hope you like my random comments.

CM: Please let us know what you think and if you’d like to see more of this in the comments below.

CM: So if I remember correctly, we last left them off doing a shoot in New York, right?

ON: Right, they were doing a photo shoot and finished off eating Shake Shack. They’re entourage protected them from the rain.

CM: As well as their shopping bags, that’s very important. From their shopping spree. Now it looks like they’re heading to Central Park with a bunch of friends.

ON: They actually look normal.

CM: Before heading to the park, they end up sitting at froyo place talking about the young Jessica and Krystal. Oh so Krystal started off by modeling. Her friend is saying how she wore this Vietnamese style hat, the ones you wear as you’re picking rice, even though the ad was for the Korean green tea industry.

ON: Krystal was embarrassed of her friends divulging information about her past. Yes, it’s true when we’re typically with our friends we have to convince that they’re on our side.

CM: Afterwards, Krystal and Jessica walk into the park and commented on that the only Korean men in the park is probably part of their staff.

ON: I haven’t seen one of their staff members, have you?

CM: Well because they’re behind the camera. Since Jessica and Krystal are 5 years apart, their friends are separated into two groups. Krystal’s friend and Jessica’s friends. Did you ever feel that you couldn’t relate to my friends?

ON: Normally, I wasn’t with my friends when I was around you. If I was with you, I was with you.

CM: So I guess they’re here for a picnic.

ON: There’s a lot of people normally anyway. I bet they picked a weekend.

CM: Yeah. They brought a lot of cupcakes.

ON: They went to Baked by Melissa. Oh and they brought wine. Can you even drink wine in Central Park? They know it’s illegal because they stuff the champagne back in the bag.

CM: See, I don’t understand the point of wearing a bikini in New York City. It’s a city. We’re not at the beach.

ON: They’re tanning. I don’t understand how Koreans can wear ¾ and longer sleeves with collars in the summertime. Not to mention one of the girls is wearing black.

CM: That’s an interesting side to Krystal. As one of the friends relays, as a kid, Krystal was so shy she would always hide behind Jessica.

ON: I love the relationship between her and her sister. They are supportive of each other. Maybe it was better for them to go in the industry together.

CM: I think the biggest surprise is that Krystal is so shy considering the industry she’s in.

CM: Of course, the conversation turns to boys.

ON: Salmon? Yeon Uh (Korean for salmon).

CM: Nooo. She said…

ON: Younger brother. (Confused?)

CM: Younger brother? Brother? Really? Jessica said that she didn’t mind dating younger guys, unlike before.

ON: Puahahahaha. Salmon boys.

CM: Preoccupied with her looks, Krystal tries parting her hair in different ways. Haha.  See, when you do weird things like that, I don’t know if you just want a reaction or I don’t know.

ON: They head to a trendy restaurant with a nice atmosphere for couples. Unnie, don’t we go to a lot of places like that, where it’s meant for couples but it’s just you and me?

CM: I guess so. I mean, guys never think of places like this. That’s the problem.

ON: They need a lot of help, don’t they?

CM: Wish I could figure out where this place was.  Maybe The Village or Murray Hill.

ON: Movie theater?

CM: Back in Korea, Jessica is now at a fan signing.

ON: Why is Jessica the only one there right now?

CM: I guess it’s a solo fan signing event. And Krystal is at her own event for fans, too. The show cuts between Jessica and Krystal at their separate scheduled events. I’m surprised to see that Jessica has so many female fans. Wouldn’t there be more guy fans?

ON: After Krystal’s done, she rushes off somewhere. She makes it seem like she’s heading to another scheduled event but instead, it’s a croquette bakery.

CM: Oooh that bread is fresh out of the oven. Mah-yak bbang? Drug bread? Mmm, bread is addicting. Corn bread. Cheese bread.  (Homer drooling noise.)

CM: Back at the Jackhouse, the girls are spending their free time watching Leon: The Professional. With a young Natalie Portman. I think we do that thing where we spend the whole day without talking and doing absolutely nothing but eating.

ON: But we do speak because sometimes we get bored and like to bother each other like they do. Realizing that they’re hungry from gurgling noises in their stomach, Jessica raids the refrigerator. Daikon?

CM: What is she going to make?

ON: Curry.

CM: Curry? With daikon? I don’t think so.

ON: Krystal starts playing music in the kitchen. Next time, when you cook for me, I’ll play music for you.

CM: You fell asleep today!

ON: (Silence.)

CM: Krystal doesn’t know how to cook rice? So to help Jessica out, Krystal decides to make the rice but doesn’t know how. It’s crazy because they have a rice cooker. To top it off, she ends up calling her mom for help. To cook rice. In a rice cooker.

ON: Krystal ends up measuring the rice in a huge mug thinking that a cup of rice meant a drinking cup. That’s a lot of rice.

CM: I’m not exactly sure how this meal is going to turn out. Like why do they need to make Soybean Stew, Braised Fish and an Omelette. I guess they’d got to give up and order.

ON: Eeh, no judgement. We do that all the time.

CM: Not because we can’t make it. We’re too lazy to make it. That’s totally different. We were a little worried about the rice at the beginning but I guess it turned out okay. Though I’m giving the rice cooker all of the credit.


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