Just Bananas About: Week of 7/4/14

Happy 4th of July for the folks in the U.S.! With the World Cup going on, it’s been a little crazy. Too bad that Korea didn’t make it past group stage and I’m a bit bummed that U.S. didn’t go on to the Quarterfinals but amazed by all the saves made by Tim Howard (16!) in the match against Belgium. Very exciting.

Today, starts the Quarterfinals and it should prove to be interesting.  Speaking of which for the MBC World Cup broadcast, they had 3 of the dads from Dad! Where Are You Going? as the sportscasters for the matches and I’m so glad that the families also got to go. Not all of the families went to Brazil but specifically Hoo, Ri Hwan and Min Yul’s families.

Ri Hwan’s family arrives first to Incheon airport including Ahn Jung Hwan’s daughter, 11 year old Ahn Ri Won. Hoo’s family arrives next and he’s all ready to cheer on Team Korea.

I love that Yoon Min Soo and Ri Hwan’s mom have the same style of jokes as they both ask to check in their kids while checking bags.

After a long flight from Korea, all the families arrive in Porto Alegre including Min Yul’s family. It’s clear how excited all the kids are.

Hoo tries to break out his best English when he asks their bus driver if their bus is a two-floor bus. Except “this is” is the only thing said in English while the rest of the sentence ends up in Korean. Haha.

After a night’s sleep, the group heads back to the airport to meet the dads who are on their way in from another match, in another city. However, Ri Hwan’s mom gets a message from Ahn Jung Hwan saying that after boarding the plane, they were all asked to deplane again.  There is too much fog at the airport near Porto Alegre, where the families are waiting. So due to the safety of the passengers and plane crew, they will have to wait it out.

To kill time at the airport, Yoon Min Soo tries to have some fun by making the families look unfortunate aiming for a war refugee concept. He even takes a picture of the kids looking all sad while waiting for their dads.

The thing he doesn’t really take a picture of is the kids taking out an instant bowl of ramen and just pouring the powdered soup base over the ramyun noodles and dipping their fingers in it. It’s so sad that it’s hilarious.

Yoon Min Soo suggests that they try to go get some hot water but the kids find that language might be an issue. Ri Won steps up and asks for hot water in English but the woman behind the counter only knows Portuguese. Min Guk thinks for a moment and comes up with the word “agua” which is pretty impressive.  It’s one thing knowing a bit of Spanish if you grew up in the US but I can’t imagine that Portuguese or Spanish is something part of the Korean elementary school curriculum.

After getting their hot water, the kids are now able to eat ramyun like normal people. Eeeh, maybe not. Too many heads, too little bowl.

As for the parents, Min Yul and Ri Hwan’s mom are missing their husbands. When the topic turns to how Min Yul’s mom had 3 kids, Yoon Min Soo comments how amazing Kim Sung Joo is. Hoo’s mom decides to show off her aegyo by feeding Yoon Min Soo which takes him by surprise at first but he goes along. Min Yul and Ri Hwan’s mom can’t stand to watch so they turn around. Haha.

Learning that the dads finally got to get back on the plane and are on their way, the families eagerly gather around the arrival gate. They hold up homemade signs and the kids excitedly blow their horns at every person who comes through.

The dads have finally landed and the first one through the gate is… Song Jong Guk. Ha!

He smiles roguishly and greets all the families there but Min Guk is eagerly waiting close to the door. It’s been ages since he last saw his dad. I think Min Guk climbs over the fence when he sees Kim Sung Joo because the next thing I know airport security is racing to stop him. But Kim Sung Joo gets there first and the two embrace.

It’s a big family reunion. And while the families are catching up with each other, Min Soo notices that Song Jong Guk is all alone and off to the side. His family is actually in Brazil but in another city while he works.

The next day, the families head to the stadium for the match against Algeria. They’re all ready to cheer to their team on and even meet the Infinity Challenge crew while waiting in the stands.

Unfortunately by half-time, Algeria is up by 3 goals. It’s up to Hoo to get the Korean crowd excited again. The night before, Hoo was given a mission to be the half-time kid who runs around getting the crowd excited with the World Cup’s mascot, Fuleco the armadillo. Despite being nervous, he does his job well.

Although Korea doesn’t end up winning the match, they got two goals in the 2nd half. It gave Korea a glimmer of hope and I’m sure it was quite the experience for the young kids of Dad! Where Are You Going?

Afterwards, the families wait for the dads to wrap up their broadcast but the dads have to go off and cover the next match. It can’t be easy separating with your dad because he’s got to cover a very important sporting event. Kim Sung Joo not only had to come to Brazil but he recently had to go to Sochi for the Winter Olympics. However, I’m sure the kids are proud of them and supporting the national team all the way ‘til the end.


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