Mmmusings… – Jessica & Krystal: Missing You

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G-Dragon – Missing You (Feat. 김윤아 of 자우림) (Missing You (Feat. Kim Yoon Ah of Jaurim)

G-Dragon (지 드래곤) – Missing You (Feat. 김윤아 of 자우림)

ON: When the show begins, Jessica is alone looking at her own airport fashion and is embarrassed. She answers and reads comments out loud from viewers, both positive and negative.

CM: Well I do think Jessica has a great sense of fashion. There are a lot of fans out there who want to know where she gets her outfits. However, she looks a bit lonely in the Jackhouse without Krystal.

ON: Jessica points out that she’s talking to herself. Where is Krystal anyways? Jessica seems awfully bored.

CM: She talks about how she’ll spend days away from Krystal. She’ll return home after her schedule and might find Krystal sleeping but that doesn’t stop her from climbing into bed with her sister. They spent 6 years apart when Jessica started training as an idol. Does that distance bring the sisters closer together?

ON: Jessica explains that they have become closer and have appreciated each other a little because of that time apart. I can relate to Jessica and Krystal because I’m that way with you. I really hate that our schedules don’t match either.

CM: Right, and you’ve also spent that time away teaching in Korea as well. So I guess that distance has made us grow fonder.

ON: To satisfy Jessica’s time alone, she calls a friend. But who?

CM: Ha, it’s funny that Jessica bribes, cajoles and begs her friend to come over and cure her boredom. As she waits for her friend, she catches an episode of the show.

ON: OMG… how typical of a Korean and their love of selfies.

CM: Krystal is off somewhere shooting her new music video for f(x).

ON: It’s great to get an inside view of their shoot.

CM: Oh dear, that’s not the image of f(x) that I’m used to seeing. Eye patch and all.

ON: I didn’t realize how their different personalities are reflected in their separate groups. They’re completely different styles.

CM: I can’t imagine a summery group like f(x) going all Goth. Is it Goth or is it Emo?

ON: I guess it’s Goth. But that’s exactly my point, could you ever see SNSD going Goth?

CM: I just don’t think Goth is ever a style that we would see for SNSD in the near future. Jessica’s friend arrives at the Jackhouse. Looking around, she discovers the dog cam, then asks Jessica for a tour.

ON: She’s Stylist Kim Jung Young, Jessica’s main stylist.

CM: They’ve known each other for a long time. Ever since she was 19 years old, for 8 long years.

ON: I wonder what we can learn about Jessica through her.

CM: It seems the cure for their boredom is shopping as the two head out.

ON: She enlightens us a lot of Jessica’s taste and style.

CM: Of course, when Krystal finds out about the shopping trip, she’s not too happy about it. She immediately gets on the phone but her sister doesn’t pick up. She’s too busy shopping. I really do like the clean lines of Jessica’s style. It’s very innocent and pure.

ON: Yeah, Jessica likes one pieces, shirts and using belts to fit her body better.

CM: Simple, but classic. And very feminine. Jessica notes that Kim Jung Young buys clothes being mindful that she could always tailor them. You know, since she’s a stylist, it’s become a habit to come up with a unique fit. Jessica picks out a cute top but the price isn’t so pretty, as she puts it. I hate when my eyes finally settle on something I like after flipping through countless clothing racks and flip the tag over to find that it is out of my price range. There’s nothing like that kind of buzzkill.

ON: They compare the styles between the sisters. It’s kind of interesting to see that even if they share pieces, they can still reflect their individual styles.

CM: So Jessica says that men and women have different ideas about clothes too. Do men really hate when women wear wedges or boyfriend fit jeans? I don’t really get that.

ON: I’m not sure if that’s an accurate assessment. I’ve heard guys say that when women are comfortable in their own skin, that’s when they’re the most attractive. Back at the music video shoot, Krystal asks the other members of f(x) about the relationship with their sisters. Luna likes to go shopping with her twin; Amber play fights with her older sister and we know Krystal and her sister always eats, sleeps and repeats. Even though Luna is less than two minutes apart from her twin, she gives respect in calling her older sister, Unnie.

CM: It’s interesting that there are different standards of respect within each family. Although Amber’s sister, Jackie, doesn’t speak much Korean, she often surprises Amber with her knowledge of Korean curses. Ha, isn’t that backward? Growing up in LA, they had a lot of Korean-American friends so it’s no surprise that that’s where they picked it up. For Amber, she feels like her and her sister are going through puberty again because they keep fighting a lot. And for Krystal, she’s feeling a little bit pouty because Jessica has yet to check her messages.

ON: Krystal and Jessica have a cooler relationship but I understand Luna’s point of view.

CM: Jessica is still unaware that Krystal is waiting to hear from her. Her head is all into the shopping. I love the polka dot dress she tries on. Stylist Kim Jung Young’s tip is to use a belt in order to make it look like a different outfit. Use a belt without holes so that it can be adjusted at any length and pull up a bit of the dress over the belt so that it looks like two separate pieces.  It also accentuates the waistline.

ON: Jessica is fascinated with the unique fact that her belly button is higher than any other SNSD member. Because her belly button appears to be higher, it gives the illusion that her legs are longer despite her shorter height.

CM: Next stop, a nail shop.

ON: I’m surprised when she picks colors. They’re a lot more muted than you would expect.

CM: Really? Not me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her choose any other color besides pink and nudes. I suppose it’s that classic look but I prefer to experiment with my nails. If I can’t experiment with my hair colors and work a day job, I can at least experiment with nail art. Obviously I would still need to be able to type. I can’t have stuff falling off my nails and getting stuck in between my keys. Would make blogging very hard.

ON: You just need to do it right.

CM: Apparently, my sister is the master at typing and having stuff stuck all over her fingernails.

ON: The nail artists mentions that she watched the show and how the sisters seem more like friends. Krystal messages Kim Jung Young to bring her sister over out of annoyance since Jessica won’t answer. How rude.

CM: Hearing this, the nail artist notes that Krystal is now finally an adult. Something even Jessica didn’t realize. She makes a plan to deliver something to the music video stage for the f(x) members and staff. She wonders if they’ll even eat it but then quickly follows up that comment with, ‘they’d better if a sunbae is giving it to them.’ Ha.

ON: f(x) is super busy while shooting yet super bored in between. Jessica, on the other hand, is finally eating and is super hungry so we can probably see her food porn shots.

CM: And my favorite kind of shots, drinking shots.

ON: Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots. Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots. Everybody! Eventually they get their food, kimchi fried rice with two eggs and salad with a side of mushroom. That’s some expensive fried rice.

CM: I would not pay to buy kimchi fried rice at an expensive looking café like this. It’s so easy to make and sooo not worth it. Like the time you and I had pork belly, kimchi fried rice at that Korean tapas place. But kimchi fried rice and sangria? I approve.

ON: Call.

CM: Kim Jung Young looks back to when she first met Jessica and says that while she’s still the same person, she now more feminine. I guess being in this industry hasn’t really changed her that much. She’s just grown older.

ON: Jessica mentions how she’s not envious of having fun like others her age. She doesn’t mind the restrictions on dating. Haha, Jessica is about to say something but then wonders if she’s saying it because they’ve been drinking. Can you have a life if you don’t have a personal life?

CM: Jessica knows that being in this industry takes a lot work. However, when she doesn’t think something is right, she’s not going to do it. It’s about sticking to your guts. However, I do think that she loves the industry and that’s how she makes it work. So Jessica finally gets on the phone to call Krystal up by video chat and is shocked by what she sees. I love how her first comment is, ‘Were you beaten up?’

ON: I’m assuming Krystal didn’t explain the concept of her music video and album.

CM: I’m looking forward to “Red Light”, their new album. It’s such a different concept from the bright neon pop colors I’m used to seeing from this group.

ON: I love f(x) because of that twist in their style.

CM: Krystal plays coy when Jessica asks her if she should send snacks or not. Krystal finally coolly responds to send it. As many younger sisters do.

ON: During Krystal’s solo, she has a stray extended eyelash as part of her makeup. That’s so cool.

CM: I don’t know about cool. The strand is curled at the end. Wouldn’t that be annoying every time you blink? It’s iiinteresting… there’s no other word for it. The delivery from Jessica finally arrives and Sulli immediately sends a thank you text to Jessica.

ON: Krystal is too busy eating to reply to her sister and she’s one-step behind her members.

CM: But not wanting to look ungrateful, she does quickly send Jessica a text back and then takes the rest of the packages out to the staff.

ON: After passing the desserts out and giving credit to her sister, the episode abruptly ends. The editing leaves you wanting closure but doesn’t provide any.

CM: I don’t know if it’s supposed to make you want more but rather it makes the show feel less fluid.


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