Monkey Poo: 2014 Primetime Emmy Nominees Are…

How is it we’re already at the Emmy nominations already?  Didn’t we just have last year’s Emmy Awards?  Time certainly flies when there is so much to watch.  Late Night‘s Seth Meyers is hosting this year’s Emmy show which will air on August 25th.  Time to put your votes in the polls below!  Who was snubbed?  Which series is going to take it all this year?

I didn’t watch too many comedy series last year but I have to say that I don’t think Modern Family deserved the nod.  Most of last season’s episodes were just average with the exception of the season finale.  The dramas category is far more interesting to me.  I still think that True Detective belongs in the Miniseries category but it was a fantastic show.  However, this year belongs to Breaking Bad for me.  Sometimes when you have such high expectations, it doesn’t quite live up to the hype but the final season of Breaking Bad not only delivered but it was beautiful way to go out.  Rigged machine gun and all.  I am bummed to see that Mad Men made the list.  Not that I hate the show.  I still love and watch it but I feel that Masters of Sex should have filled that spot.

I didn’t love the latest season of American Horror Story but Fargo exceeded my expectations. As for Television Movies, I think it’s elementary where my heart belongs to.  However, I really liked The Americans this season and disappointed to find that it didn’t make the list.

The actors/actress categories is where things get a little tricky.  I always wary that if two or more actors gets nominated from the same show within the same category, they’ll cancel each other out.  Of course, I’m leaning towards all things Breaking Bad but in the Lead Actress category, I would like to see a win for Masters of Sex‘ Lizzy Caplan.  The most problematic category is Lead Actor in a Miniseries.  Cumberbatch or Freeman?  Freeman or Cumberbatch?  Aaaah, what to do?  I hated Freeman’s character in Fargo but was amazed by his performance.  Buuuut Sherlock…  As for snubs, where is Hannibal?  Like really?  There’s gonna be some slicing and dicing when Mads Mikkelson gets through with you.

I suppose you’re going to say since Martin Freeman is nominated as a Supporting Actor for Sherlock, he can win that and all things will be right with the world but I heard really great things about The Normal Heart. As for the Supporting Actresses, my heart goes out to Joanne Froggatt’s performance on the latest season of Downton Abbey. It was such a gutwrenching and then heartwrenching performance that the win will be justly deserved. I can’t say much about the comedy category other than Modern Family was overrated this year but I did hear very good things about Allison Janney in Mom.  I’m sure Game of Thrones fans (including my own sister, OinkNew) probably wanted to see more actors and actresses make the list but only Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey?

To wrap things up, here are the nominees for Outstanding Variety Series and Reality Competition Programs.

For the complete list of nominees, go to the Emmy website.


One thought on “Monkey Poo: 2014 Primetime Emmy Nominees Are…

  1. Yes I agree, True detective really should’ve been on the miniseries list. Loved both BB and TD and it sucks to see both shows pitting against each other.

    The Hannibal snub!!!! Not even one for cinematography!? Blah, Emmys you suck.


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