[Recap] Jessica & Krystal: Growing Older

We’d to thank everyone who provided feedback on our previous posts.  If you have not had the chance to check them out, you can find them here and here.  Based on the responses we’ve received, we decided to go ahead and continue to provide commentary on the Jessica & Krystal show.  Please feel free to add your own comments about the show and Jessica & Krystal themselves.  Whether it’s about the sisterhood, their sense of fashion or the enormous amount of food they consume, we’d love to converse with you.

Lily Allen – 22

Lily Allen – 22

CM: Last week, we mostly spent our time with Jessica but this week we catch up with Krystal.  f(x) most recently released their new album and is currently busy with promotions.  One of their stops in the promotional tour is performing their new title song, “Red Light,” for a prerecorded segment of a music program and carefully monitor their performance afterwards. I have to admit that I haven’t fully warmed up to the song yet.

ON: Krystal is finishing up the performance and when they return back to their room, the f(x) members see that they’ve received a gift from the Jessica & Krystal PD congratulating her on the new album. Victoria seems all hyped up and explores the cool Union Jack fridge with the show’s signature camera inside.

CM: The fridge is certainly a really, nice gift, especially since it’s stocked full of snacks and drinks.

ON: Yeah, they keep saying “Dae Bak”.

CM: The camera must be a novelty for the group but due to the lack of sleep and being hyper, Victoria’s all silly and crazy.

ON: Amber feels like she has to apologize for Victoria’s craziness though the members all seem to be used to it.

CM: Suddenly, I’m craving for fried chicken because all I hear is Victoria saying tong dak, tong dak, over and over again. After the filming, Krystal invites Victoria and Luna over to her place, picking shaved ice or bingsoo along the way. It’s the first time that she’s driving with them in the car.

ON: The last three days I had bingsoo too. It’s essential for the hot weather.

CM: Victoria’s all happy and energetic in front of the cameras, which reminds Krystal about how the group members talk about useless things all the time. To them, they find each other funny like they’ve got their own language.

ON: Krystal is still new to driving and Victoria, who is trying to be funny and helpful, tells the cars that are trying to pull out that they’re not allowed to. It’s not like anyone can really hear her but it’s kind of adorable.

CM: Like she’s willing her adorable powers to make the cars behave.

ON: I think we do that but not when it comes to driving.

CM: I don’t get road rage but I get pedestrian rage. Like, really? You’re not going to stop when you clearly have the stop sign and it’s my right to cross? It happens all the time here.

ON: I’m more like, “You’re going to wait till I get across the street. Hmph! I dare you to try and run me over kind of thing.

CM: The girls place their order at the bingsoo spot but a few seconds later, Krystal hops back into the car to talk to her sister. While she’s busy promoting, she misses and thinks of her sister. Even a mosquito isn’t going to stop her from catching up with Jessica.

ON: Victoria must be feeling Krystal’s missing presence because she comes by the car and throws herself at Krystal, seducing her by suggesting that she’s coming over to Krystal’s house.

CM: Aaah when boredom sets in, how far will these girls go in their roleplaying games?

ON: Not far. Krystal switches the topic by offering to go bowling. Just like Victoria predicted, since Krystal was great when she was younger, she’s probably not good anymore. Bingo! But Krystal thinks Luna will be great because she’ll have some beginner’s luck.

CM: The thing about beginner’s luck is that it tricks you into thinking that you’re talented at something but it’s such a downer when you go back to play again and all you end up with is gutter balls. The group pulls up to the house and Krystal tries to park but doesn’t quite get the right angle. Victoria tells her to park by going in from the rear. Although taxing on Krystal, with Victoria’s help she’s able to park the car.

ON: They hurry into the house before the bingsoo melts. Victoria and Luna make themselves at home. Victoria looks around and starts cleaning with the duster.

CM: Not the furniture, she cleans the guests instead. That is, until Victoria notices the dartboard and immediately picks up a dart. She succeeds in hitting the board but the second try, it plops right back onto the floor.

ON: She seems traumatized that it fell.

CM: Inspecting the board, she sees that it’s not a regulation dartboard. I love that she immediately takes Jessica side and putting the fault on the type of dartboard.  Not that it’s Jessica’s lack of hand/eye coordination but it the board that made it fall on the ground.  Turning to the TV instead, they look at footage from before their debut. They’ve come a long way since then.

ON: After they finish watching TV, they decide to eat their bingsoo before it melts. Walking upstairs to the kitchen, they fall in love with the set up and then find out the additional surprise that Jessica has left for them. She leaves them some champagne, dinner and sweets with a cute message on the fridge. I wish you would do that for me.

CM: Listen, I bought cake and all kinds of snacks yesterday. And I bought dinner the night before. But you go off and have bingsoo today without me?

ON: Alright, you like me just a little bit.

CM: Yep, just a little bit. Meanwhile in Japan, Jessica is there to perform with SNSD. In her downtime, she visits her friend, Yuan Min, that lives there and catches up with her over tea. They’re both so busy and it’s hard to meet up but they make the effort to see each other whenever they can.

ON: They speak a lot of English.

CM: I wonder if she’s a friend from the States.

ON: They have really similar tastes and can relate about nail preferences, to sandals, to styles of clothes.

CM: Which of course turns into another shopping trip. What else? Jessica’s motto is shopping is happiness. She picks out a bikini that she likes but it’s not something she can try on for the cameras.

ON: Even as she tries on a blouse, her stylist, Kim Jung Young, doesn’t like it. She says she can see between the buttons and needs to protect SNSD’s image. How scandalous?

CM: She’s protecting the innocence and purity of the SNSD girls? Didn’t we see a picture of the SNSD girls last week showing off their belly buttons?

ON: In Korea, it’s okay to show your belly button and a lot of leg but anything around your cleavage should be censored.

CM: There’s a cultural difference when it comes to standards of appropriateness. Back in Korea, Victoria sees the fridge and pleas with Krystal so that she can open it. It seems that she’s a fan of the show and smiles brightly upon seeing the camera. However, I love that Luna doesn’t even notice the camera at first. Only the food.

ON: I wonder if that camera ever gets foggy from the chill.

CM: Let’s put a camera in our fridge to test it out.

ON: I’m sure we can catch that food burglar.

CM: You mean us? Or the food burglars that look like us? Krystal tries to reach out to her sister to thank her for the food and champagne.

ON: Jessica doesn’t seem like she can respond from Japan.

CM: The screen remains black and they’re not able to do a video call.

ON: But we know Jessica is still thinking about Krystal. Jessica tries to pick a gift for Krystal and isn’t satisfied but as she walks around the store, she considers a pin set and sauces that Krystal might like.

CM: Once done with shopping, they head to a famous sushi place. The strange thing about Jessica is that she was pretty well known for not being able to eat raw fish.

ON: I love sushi. She was missing out for such a long time.

CM: She had a dream about eating delicious sushi and woke up the next morning with a serious craving for it. Since then, she came to love the dish.

ON: I think that’s a new way of overcoming her aversion to raw fish.

CM: I wish I could have a dream and get over my aversion to exercise.

ON: Lol… don’t we all.

CM: I can’t get over the sushi. Tokyo has some really great places like Tsukiji market. Even at 9 in the morning, people are lining up at the door to have raw fish fresh off the boat. And on my most recent trip, the sashimi was so fresh that the fish was still moving. Just like the one that Jessica is eating. Mmm, drool.

ON: Jessica mentions how Krystal would be jealous but she still can’t stop eating. Her eyes seem to glisten from all the delicious food.

CM: Back in Seoul, Krystal discovers a cake that Jessica has left, congratulating their new album release. They decide to take a picture in front of the beautiful, flowery cake.

ON: It looks like a wedding cake. While they try to take a selfie, they seemed confused about how to capture themselves with the gorgeous cake.

CM: Victoria has long arms. Useful dancer arms. Krystal decides to make a wish but it sounds like she’s giving an interview instead.

ON: Victoria wishes that f(x) lasts forever.

CM: But she says forever with that ethereal tone like you hear in the movies. Haha. In Japan, Jessica meets Yuan Min’s son, Leo. He’s fascinated by all the cameras in the car.

ON: Jessica asks for a kiss but he likes staring at himself that he doesn’t even blink. She asks if he remembers her and he seems to respond by laughing back.

CM: He then becomes intrigued by the hole in her jeans which she explains as the destroyed jeans trend.

ON: Maybe all babies just like skin… so much for SNSD’s innocence.

CM: Arriving at a Japanese spa to relax, the sight of Leo reminds Jessica of when Krystal was young.

ON: Returning back to Krystal, I’m not sure if it’s because Victoria has done variety shows before. She seems very comfortable in front of the camera but it’s a still a new experience because they don’t have staff right there on set directing them like other variety shows.

CM: However, not all scenes are impromptu. When they’re not in the house, the cameras have to be positioned in the right place and often the staff has to stop the action in the process of filming.

ON: They finally start grilling the meat that Jessica bought and it looks delicious.

CM: Going back to the topic of their debut, they talk about how much they’ve changed since then. It’s been 7 years since Victoria came to Korea and she was Krystal’s age back then.

ON: I didn’t realize their age gap. I remember when the group first came out and that was a long time ago. They had an eclectic style compared to the other groups.

CM: Krystal brings up the days when she and Luna had their own filming schedules on the weekends but Krystal would hide out in the bathroom because she was terrified of being filmed. She’s come a long way from her introverted ways. Victoria is now at the age where people think about marriage and Krystal wonders if Victoria wants to get married.

ON: It doesn’t seem like she wants to right now. But she does see a big difference between her friends back home that aren’t stars.

CM: For Victoria, she’s envious that she’s had to put her personal life on hold because of her career. What would life have been like if she wasn’t an entertainer? She wonders what normal would be.

ON: She feels like she can’t relate to people her age after working in this industry. I believe she could marry but that it might be harder to find the right person.

CM: She’s also used to being alone because she’s been living in Korea alone for so long. All her childhood friends are back in China and her friends in Korea are all in the business. Although their friendship hasn’t changed, she hasn’t been able to see her closest friend until recently, for 7 long years. There are a few people who could handle being alone.

ON: Dessert time. Krystal points out how women have a separate stomach for dessert. It’s so true.

CM: Luna wants an Americano but not being able to find coffee in the house Victoria quickly comes up with soy sauce as the solution since it’s the same color. It sounds like an 1N2D challenge. I’m sure Na PD would approve. Ddeng!

ON: After they’re done and full, they say thank you and just leave. Ahem, so who’s going to clean up after them?

CM: That rolling dog cam? The paparazzi in the fridge?

ON: Woof (no). The people behind the wall.


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