Just Bananas About: Week of 7/18/14

Recently, I’ve been changing out some of my normal K-Variety shows for other ones. One such show I’ve added to my schedule is Superman Returns. Unlike Dad! Where Are You Going?, the children are younger and while they’re not really given missions, it’s more about spending the day with their days. What I like about the show is that we get to see the kids more in their home environment and the interaction as a family unit.

Haru attends preschool as Tablo watches on from the sidelines. He notices that she’s unusually tall for her age which was something that she didn’t get from him as he always had to tippy toe.

However, the important thing about attending this class is so that Haru gets the chance to be around other kids her age. She’s used to following her dad places and used to seeing the members of the YG Family so it’s an important developmental skill.

He decides to take her to a pond to catch fish. Knowing that there’ll be kids there, he hopes that she’d interact with them. However, Tablo is a big kid himself.

Meanwhile at the twin household, Lee Hwi Jae and his wife are busy taking care of their and S.E.S’ Shoo’s kids while she takes a massage.

They notice that though they have their hands full, the girls are more calm and likely to stay still than their boys. Even while watching TV, the girls sit quietly and watch while the boys busily chase each other around the room.

I do love watching these twins and watching their interaction with Shoo’s twins as well.  Despite Lee Hwi Jae not wanting to take care of them again, I do hope she brings them by more often.

In Japan, Sarang is spending time with her grandparents while her dad returns to his old high school to mentor the wrestlers. Sarang spends the day helping them shop and they go out for lunch together. She’s not all that close with her grandmother but she seems happy to celebrate her grandmother’s birthday.

One of the latest families to join Superman Returns is Song Il Kook and his triplets. Yes, triplet boys. I only know him as Actor Song Il Kook so I was surprised to see the triplets. I also found the names of the boys to be hilarious but ingenious: Dae Han, Min Gook, Man Se. String all three names together and it means: Republic of Korea, Hurray!

I always known that Song Il Kook was pretty athletic and loved riding bikes but the fact that he takes his kids around on his bicycle express is a pretty awesome sight to see. He mentioned the previous week that he still he’s still able to get in some exercise while being with his kids.

Adding to the resourcefulness of Song Il Kook, he takes the boys out to eat a buffet lunch. Since kids under 2 eat for free, he only paid for themselves. Although the boys are young, multiples seem to be more advanced than single kids as their parents usually have their hands full so they need to fend for themselves. At least, when I compare these three with my friend’s kids. Despite some spills, which is to be expected, the boys finish up their lunch and head back home.

At home, Song Il Kook tries to get his boys interested in soccer. However, the boys are more interested in stuffing the boys under their shirts. In the end, he gives up and uses the goal post to chase and net each of the giggling boys.

Finally, there’s Trot Singer Jang Yoon Jung and Announcer Do Kyung Hwan. They’ve been expecting the arrival of their first baby boy. I’m sure it’s a new experience for the couple but I found these segments to be a bit boring. Now that the news has broken that the couple will be leaving the show, I wonder why we spent all this time with them anyways.

Despite that, we at least got to see the birth and we do have a few more episodes following the inexperienced couple as they try to figure things out. Especially new father, Do Kyung Hwan. I am secretly hoping that we would get to see Byul and Haha’s baby, Dream, after I saw Jang Yoon Jung on the phone with Byul. I wonder what kind of father Haha is.


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