[Recap] Jessica & Krystal: Sweet Treats

I think this week’s episode was a lot more interesting than last week’s. We mentioned previously that the flow of the show is a bit inconsistent and that’s what happens in this opening scene. We continue where we left off as Victoria, Luna and Krystal head out to bowl but the rest of the episode is mostly about the sisters spending time together after being part due to their schedules.

Clazziquai – 러브 레시피 (Love Recipe)

Clazziquai – 러브 레시피

ON: The girls finally go bowling after talking about it so much. They arrive and talk about ordering soo much food. Didn’t they just eat at the Jackhouse? It’s so hard to keep up with growing girls.

CM: See, but we never actually see the food arrive so maybe it was all a fake out? But I would have been amazed if Victoria continued to eat all the food that she wanted to order.

ON: Right, that would be amazing to see an idol do. They don’t bowl that well, it seems to take a lot of time for them to warm up. I’m surprised they’re not the type of Korean that takes lesson for every single sport. I would expect them to ask for lessons at the bowling lanes since Luna is a newbie to the game. Well maybe they don’t take lesson since it’s not in the annual all-star idol game.

CM: Krystal, of course, is the more athletic one out of the Jung sisters, as evidenced by Jessica’s pitching and dart throwing skills. Jessica’s type of sport is just lying around. That’s right up my alley.

ON: I’m better at that than you.

CM: Victoria and Luna keep getting gutter-balls while Krystal is able to knock a few pins down. But she won’t be satisfied until she can hit a strike.

ON: She keeps getting 9 out of 10 pins. Haha. Victoria, after all those gutter-balls, is so happy to finally be able to hit one or two pins. Krystal then complains that it’s more fun with good players, meaning not them. Lol. Finally, the staff guy comes over to give them some pointers. He probably felt bad. I don’t know if anyone notices that he has his mouth open in the back there while watching.

CM: Or he just couldn’t watch the gutter-ball parade anymore. Krystal is amazed that she was able to hit a strike after his advice. Victoria’s about to throw her last ball and Krystal wipes the ball down to make her look like a pro. However, Victoria just tosses it down like she’s not expecting to hit anything and actually ends up hitting a spare. It’s amazing. I guess you have to pretend not to care for the pins to fall down.

ON: Bet she wanted to give up before that strike.

CM: Skip to a few days later, Jessica heads off in her car to pick Krystal up.

ON: Upon seeing Krystal, Jessica calls her an American ghost because she’s pale and has long blonde hair.

CM: They end up getting into a round of aegyo display because it’s been weeks since they were last together. It’s kind of nauseating. Haha.

ON: Don’t hate, you like it when I do it to you.

CM: *Pretends to barf*

ON: Being that they haven’t seen each other for so long they become emotional because they needed each other to vent their stress. I really missed them together, too.

CM: They’re not only sisters but they’re also best friends.

ON: They probably can’t express things to other people because of their job. I’m glad they’re close as a family at least. Afterwards to lighten the mood they decide to play some music as they drive for their date.

CM: The sisters want to link their phone to the car’s Bluetooth system. Jessica asks Krystal to do it by guessing her phone’s pin number. Krystal has no problem unlocking the phone because they use the same pin number. However, they’ve overlooked one thing. There’s a camera facing them from the car’s rear windshield and it captured the pin number. Apparently, they use this number for everything, such as the ATM.

ON: I do that, too. It’s hard to memorize so many passwords and pin numbers.

CM: And here I was about to go all tsk, tsk, tsk but I do the same thing, too. Hehe.

ON: Maybe we should change our passwords more?
CM: Hmm… Nah, saving that brain space for memorizing the rippling abs on a hot actor’s body.

ON: I love all their music… To name a few, they go from playing Rita Ora’s “I Will Never Let You Down” and switch over to Jason Derulo’s Talk Dirty. You can’t go wrong with Jason. Which they mention is the Jackhouse theme song for the show. From Radiohead’s “Creep” to Ariana Grande’s “Problem,” which I should add that Line app has a free remix download available if you like Ariana Grande’s page using the app. Oh and Boyz II Man is spelled wrong. It’s Boyz II Men… There was more than a man in the group.

CM: Although they love listening to music, both girls like different kinds of music. Jessica’s more into the Top 40 hits while Krystal is more into moody music or as she describes it, boring music. Ha. There’s nothing wrong with that as I’m into boring music myself. I’m always looking for that emotional track that hits you in the gut.

ON: I’m into mood music, too, but I can’t help if my mood changes a lot.

CM: I realize that I’m not as familiar with the American tracks anymore, especially some of the ones they listen to on this show. I guess I’m so into K-Pop right now and keeping up with the many, many groups out there, that it’s hard to keep up with American music unless it’s an artist I go out of my way to follow, such as Lily Allen or Daft Punk.

ON: I’m kind of lazy looking for music so I stick with the Top 100 in Korean and American billboard charts. I can just pick the best songs from there and add whatever the radio or friends like to feature.

CM: I’m definitely more into the Korean indie scene like Bluepaprika, Daybreak and Barberettes, to name a few. Right now I’m sooo into Bily Acoustie (pronounced Billy Acoustie). Many of these artists you can find in my weekly playlist posts. I also love OSTs, such as Thomas Newman and Angelo Badalamenti. Krystal is currently really into the Her soundtrack which is something I really do have to watch. It’s been on my computer FOREVER.

ON: Krystal then listens to Ooohyo Vineyard. It’s nice but I wouldn’t listen while driving or commuting. I’d probably pass out from listening.

CM: It’s really weird but if I’m really into a song, the tempo doesn’t really bother me. I even listen to some slow ballad while I’m running. I’m aware that that’s really peculiar.

ON: Finally, they arrive at the date location, Nam San.

CM: The ultimate Seoul date spot?

ON: Yeah, I know it sad to say I’ve been going there with my besties.

CM: So did I. As soon as they get into the cable car, a group of eager tourists whip out their cameras to bombard them with pictures. As usual, Krystal freezes up and Jessica greets the fans but Krystal eventually relaxes enough to wave right before the cable car leaves the station.

ON: They continue to have a romantic ride up with the very interesting music choice of Willie Nelson’s “On the Street Where You Live”. As they talking about different childhood experiences on lifts, skiing and snowboarding. It’s interesting that they didn’t have ski trips together. Maybe it’s because they’re from Cali and it’s not often they can ski. I personally don’t go a year without riding the slopes. When they arrive they mention the Big Donkatsu’s after seeing the sign for it. Shoot, I didn’t get to eat that last time I was there.

CM: On the way up the steps, they hear someone wondering out loud if it’s Jessica. Krystal tells her to respond and Jessica does. It must be weird to have people recognize you everywhere you go. I guess that’s the celebrity aspect of their life that they have to get used to if they want to continue on their K-Pop star career path but it’s an unusual experience. They race up the last of the steps all the way to the Nam San Tower’s base but they tire quickly. Truthfully, it’s not that many steps from the cable car but perhaps it’s because they’ve been staying up late nights working that they barely have any energy.

ON: Quick tip about Nam San. They don’t really show it in the episode but at the base of the tower, there are several chimney stacks lining the edge of the cliff. The chimney stacks were part of an ancient communication signal system that was used to warn citizens. It may be cute to have your kids pose adorably inside these chimney stacks but it will not fit an adult. Your butt will hang helplessly outside. I know from my personal experience.

CM: The sisters head into the tower and I find it odd that it’s the first time that they’re visiting there. Is it like how New Yorker’s never visit the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty? They take a tour inside the Alive Museum which basically seems like another Trick Eye Museum. I love places like this because they’re so much fun. I much prefer taking pictures here rather than standing around doing the same smile and pose over and over again.

ON: Previously the spot was occupied by the Teddy Bear Museum. I loved it because they replicated a portion of the exhibits after the drama, Goong (aka Princess Hours).

CM: At the top of the tower, they look out over the Seoul night skyline. It’s incredibly beautiful and Nam San Tower is a great place to take in all the scenery. Very romantical.

ON: Yeah, next time let’s go together.

CM: Awww, okay. It’s a date. Back at the Jackhouse, the girls are back in the kitchen. Big surprise. Today, they’re attempting to bake. While Jessica does more of cooking between them, it’s seems that Krystal is the better baker. Or so she says.

ON: From their cooking skill, I don’t know how I feel about them baking.

CM: A lot of people say that baking is easier because you just need to follow the recipe exactly. Like chemistry.

ON: But they don’t really follow the recipe and mostly go on a whim.

CM: Uh oh. The fact that Jessica doesn’t even know what a peeler is may be a problem. She’s technically holding a grater or zester.

ON: They don’t even know how to zest.

CM: This is hard to watch. It’s going to be bad, isn’t it? Although I will say that weighing ingredients is a whole new concept for me because we’re used to measuring cups here.

ON: Did they measure the bowl by itself beforehand to make the scale zero?

CM: I doubt they set it to zero. Baking is quite a different experience in Korea. It’s not like every Korean kitchen comes with an oven while it’s a standard appliance here in the States.

ON: Very.

CM: I remember shipping a portable baking machine to you and you asking me to send cake mixes and such.

ON: Yup, it was hard to get a sweet tooth fix since everything is less sweet there than America. That’s a lot of salt she’s putting in. I guess they like it salty. They try to take it out but really they can’t tell which ingredient is the salt as the bowl is filled with white ingredients.

CM: Meanwhile, Jessica tries to use the handheld mixer but she’s getting the filling everywhere. I’m cringing more and more as this scene goes on. Soon you’re gonna find me in a little ball in the corner, rocking back and forth. For the love of all that is sweet and holy, just go out and buy a fruit tart. Not to mention, they’re also popping corn but forgot to place the bowl in front of the machine. I have no idea why they’re popping corn.

ON: They aren’t thinking anything through. They need to learn more of the basics to baking. For goodness sake! They’re mixing it with their hands and talking about how it feels like their exfoliated dead skin from their hands. Gross, I can’t watch…

CM: I am baker but I have to admit that I hate getting my hands dirty. Isn’t that weird? Well at least, they’re able to put together some kind of dough and refrigerate it. As they’re waiting for the crust, Krystal decides to go to bed because since she’s been so busy promoting, she’s only able to get three hours of sleep at the most.

ON: Sleep is like a drug… Once you put your head down, it’s hard to get back up. As Krystal passes out, Jessica doesn’t want to bother her and tries to make an attempt to make the tarts herself. She knows how tired Krystal is. Poor girl. She takes out the crust from the fridge and decides to make 5 tarts for each of the f(x) members. Meanwhile, the manager tries to help Krystal by reminding her to remove her makeup before going to sleep. Does he ever get to sleep?

CM: Jessica smells something strange in the kitchen and rushes over to the oven. The tart shells are burnt. I really think that we can do a better job. In fact, watching this is inspiring me to make our own fruit tart.

ON: OMG… She drops the only tart. What, was that 4 hours wasted? I would be mad but we don’t know if it even tasted good.

CM: She’s got that deer in the headlights look on her face and doesn’t know what to do. I love that they cut to a picture of the tart they were trying to make. Like this is what it’s supposed to look like. Not the crumbled mess that’s on the floor. After wandering aimlessly around the loft for a few minutes, she finally decides to pack Krystal a bag of treats from the food that’s already in the fridge.

ON: Jessica exits the Jackhouse so that she doesn’t wake her sister up before her 3 AM call time. Krystal on the other hand wakes up to find, not the tarts, but other treats thanks to her sister. She leaves a cute and thoughtful note on the mirror before heading out.

CM: And with that, here’s our finished tart. We wish we could share this with Jessica and Krystal.


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