Just Bananas About: Week of 7/25/14

I honestly didn’t know what to expect of this drama from the trailer.  You really can’t grasp the drama’s plot from the trailer but it’s also not an easy story to sum up in a few seconds.  However, what an unexpected, fun and wacky start to a drama!

Meaghan Smith – Here Comes Your Man

Meaghan Smith – Here Comes Your Man

Gong Hyo Jin plays Ji Hae Soo, a hospital psychiatrist, while Jo In Sung plays Jang Jae Yul, a mystery writer and celebrity radio DJ.  As predicted, Jae Yul is a womanizer which is more of a protection mechanism rather than anything else.  Hae Soo is smart and strong-willed and will defend her patients even if it means putting her own well-being on the line.  The two have their meet-cute through a TV debate program in which Jae Yul becomes intrigued and Hae Soo can’t see past his ego.

Eventually, Jae Yul becomes Hae Soo’s housemate after a scandal surrounding his book and the two will probably continue to butt heads before falling for each other.

The drama does talk about mental issues but the point of the drama is not about the medicine.  In fact, I’m glad that the show puts up a title card at the beginning of the drama that states some of the treatments seen in the drama is for the purpose of creating drama rather than being realistic.

First of all, I’m relieved that it’s not a chaebol drama or a revenge drama.  Rather it’s a drama about professionals.  Secondly, I love that we’re already seeing all the layers in the story and the character.  I don’t exactly know where the layers will lead but there’s the promise of a fulfilling drama.

I’m also loving all the friendships and bromance.  I didn’t know what Sung Dong Il’s character would turn out to be here but I’m glad to see his wacky 4D side merge with Lee Kwang Soo.  I can only imagine how entertaining they will be throughout.

Plus, I kinda dig that Lee Kwang Soo’s Park Soo Kwang (that character’s name is not at all going to be hard to remember) has Tourette’s Syndrome.  If they do it well, it could be just as funny as the way Ally McBeal did it and not come off being tacky.

It’s clear that both of the lead characters have issues.  Jae Yul has an older brother who is trying to kill him because the brother believes Jae Yul killed someone that he didn’t kill.  It’s all very mysterious but it seems that Jae Yul still loves his brother to a certain extent.

I guess we’ll find that out along with what their connection is with this woman, whom I assume is their mom.  Although she’s a bit young to be the mom of Jae Yul’s older brother. Sidenote: The scene featured a Song Hye Gyo cameo, of sorts from Jo In Sung’s last drama.  Ooooh, how I wish Cha Seung Won would make an appearance as well.  I think he’d be awesome as a mental patient.

Hae Soo, on the other hand, has trust issues as she knows her mom is the type to cheat on her dad who is an invalid, probably due to a stroke.

She discovers that she’s also the victim betrayal in her own relationship with her boyfriend.  I thought it was funny how  Soo Kwang tells Jae Yul how everyone is connected to each other and Jae Yul immediately thinks that Hae Soo is perfectly okay with her boyfriend sleeping around with her close friend.  However, I think this is a preview of trust issues that the main two leads will need to get over.

Overall, I think some might find the tone of the drama to be confusing because are mental issues a laughing matter?  When it comes to Hae Soo treating depression in a transgender patient, probably not.

To do a drama like this, I think the show needs to know where the thin line is that they’re walking between and make sure that they don’t go over it.  However, there are many movies and dramas that has been able to find some lightness in the subject matter so I welcome the off-the-cuff humor.  Looks like just the summer treat I was looking for.


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