[Recap] Jessica & Krystal: Star Gazing

OinkNew: We actually like you. We do, we do!! There are people who come on the show to prove it. This week the Jung sisters are approached by their fans. It’s really amazing to see that Jessica and Krystal randomness aren’t the focus but we can also see the talented fans that have followed them over the years or just started to. Some even became more talented through their admiration. That’s the power of fame returning threefold.

f(x) – 종이 심장 (Paper Heart)

f(x) – 종이 심장 (Paper Heart)

CM: On a random day in Seoul, the two girls look at people who’ve applied to hang out with Jessica and Krystal. There are a lot more members than they would’ve expected. Like an uncle fan who wants to exercise with them. Does he even know them?

ON: Probably not. One of the fans is named Megumi and Krystal gets excited. She wonders if it’s her friend Megumi but when Jessica tells her to just look at the pictures she confesses that she wouldn’t be able to recognize her now because she’s had a lot of surgery since they last saw each other. Maybe not a close friend?

CM: After picking a selected number of fans to invite to their Jackhouse, they decide they need to prepare some food.

ON: Yeah, Jessica teases Krystal to make some tart to remind us of last week’s botched challenge.

CM: Let’s not go down that road again.

ON: Thank god they don’t want to themselves.

CM: They should just stick to the ready-made stuff at the mart.

ON: While driving and talking nonsense, they decide to copy some people outside by playing the popular rock, paper, scissors. You know, it’s what the people do. After Jessica loses, Krystal tells her to pay for the food that they’re going shopping for. Jessica just says that not what she does, she doesn’t have to pay. **Scoff**, we have had those moments too right unnie?

CM: Yes, somehow you have this Running Man mentality where you want to make everything a game. Except, you hate running.

ON: Why run? I don’t have enough incentive.

CM: At the mart, they see their favorite food group. Bread. They settle on buying Auntie Anne’s pretzels. Coincidentally, didn’t you buy them recently? I literally went into my room for a few minutes, came back out to find the huge bag of pretzels gone. Didn’t even get one bite.

ON: Yeah, those pretzels are such a guilty pleasure and I offered and you didn’t want them. They have a KFC bucket-size now for parties. Aaah!!!

CM: They keep eating while shopping and eventually wander into the stationary section. Oh, I remember wanting fancy pens and cute stationary back in high school.

ON: It was such a big trend.

CM: Back at the Jackhouse, the girls head up to the kitchen to make the canapés. This recipe seems a bit easier than making tarts. They sure made a mess of the kitchen last week.

ON: You mean every time they’re in the kitchen. They show clips of that tart trauma all over again. Krystal gets right to putting everything away in its place.

CM: They want to add cherry tomatoes but did they even pick them up at the mart?

ON: I don’t think they did. Krystal assures her sister that there are probably cherry tomatoes in the fridge because it’s a magical fridge where everything appears when they want it. Why do they keep eating all the food for the guests?

CM: Ha, maybe they need to taste test everything to make sure they don’t give a guest food poisoning. At this rate, I’m not sure if they’re going to have enough food for the guests.

ON: We already know that they eat a lot.

CM: At least, they look pretty. When Krystal asks if they could eat a finished one, Jessica is very cool about it. I don’t think I would have been the same way. I would have been like, ‘No! That’s not for you! Don’t touch!’

ON: Yeah, you’re no fun. I think they should have made an assembly line if they wanted to move faster. Jessica thinks that they take too long to make such small treats but they’re not being very efficient in making them.

CM: The sisters worry that none of the guests will eat their canapés so what are they going to do about it? That’s easy. Jessica suggests making them eat them an eating competition. Who can eat them the fastest?

ON: Your PD would be so proud of your right now. Krystal is cutting the candied sweet potatoes in half but Jessica rebukes that it doesn’t look pretty enough, visually. You should be cunning and pour any extra syrup over the exposed sides so you can see that they’re cut in half.

CM: I feel like they just didn’t buy enough food. But maybe that’s an American thing.

ON: No, we have this saying in Korean of having big hands. We just like making more than enough food than needed so that we often share sometimes even considered big spenders.

CM: The guests arrive and it seems that they’re nervous about meeting Jessica and Krystal.

ON: But it’s not like they’re awkward with each other.

CM: Krystal whispers to Jessica that someone has arrived and the Jung sisters sneak out to peek over the railing; Jessica shyly greets them.

ON: I don’t know how I would feel with people just walking into my house like that.

CM: At first, the guests ask if they could come upstairs but the kitchen is a mess. However, the sisters need help bringing down the food trays so they ask them to come up to help and quickly clean up the kitchen, as best they can. It’s the sweep under the rug method type of cleaning. Clean what you see, worry about the other stuff later.

ON: I love how they make the guy carry the stacked trays for the canapés. Does anyone realize that there are no drinks?

CM: Ha, I thought the same thing! No one gets thirsty?

ON: Between their salty canapés and the candied sweet potatoes, I might. As they get seated, it seems a little formal and awkward actually being in front of Jessica and Krystal.

CM: Rather than focusing on the awkwardness, we see that more guests begin to arrive. They’re all men this time.

ON: The elevator conversation is so cute. The younger guys are adorably nervous and the older guys are worried about their age.

CM: It’s the type of conversation you’d hear from middle-aged women.

ON: As they talk about their insecurities with each other, it helps break the ice and seem more relatable.

CM: One of the younger guys is so in awe of the loft and I swear he reminds me of an idol. SHINee’s Key, perhaps?

ON: With the extra guests arriving, they make small talk and proceed to find extra seating. Some of the girls pitch in to help carry over a bench but the boys are too preoccupied with the dog cam to help. Chivalry is dead and we’ve noticed.

CM: The last of the guests arrive and it appears that two of the girls are twins.

ON: Upon seeing them, Jessica mentions that she also has two friends who are twins and the twin girls mention that they do remember seeing them. One of the guys jumps into the conversation by saying that this friend just had twins three days ago. Great timing. Not at all awkward but it did make us laugh.

CM: Since they’ve all arrived, Jessica encourages everyone to introduce themselves. They all have interesting stories about how they got to sign up for the show. One girl made the decision to lose 8 kg (~17.5 pounds) after meeting Krystal because she complimented her so much. She decided to wear the same tennis skirt that Krystal is seen wearing in the first episode.

ON: My favorite guest is the man who says he’s been watching the Jung sister in a unique space every week.

CM: Which sounds like something a pervert would say.

ON: He thinks it would be better if he turned around to talk to them and as he talks, it finally clicks for the girls as to where they know him. HE’S ACTUALLY THE VOICE OF JESSICA AND KRYSTAL. Hul! Dae bak!

CM: Didn’t see that one coming. Is it weird to put a face to a voice they know so well? The 40 year old lawyer stands up and says that he’s a big fan of Krystal. Not really f(x) though.

ON: Just Krystal. Lol. Then we have the band mates, Megumi the Japanese exchange student and the twin exchange students from BC’s art school.

CM: Finally, the last guy introduces himself as a contestant on Season 2’s Master Chef Korea and as a gift he brought them his winning dish, a squash tart. Looks really interesting. Think I would like it.

ON: It didn’t have the candied squash on top like the original.

CM: So OinkNew, his squash tart or my Thanksgiving pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top? *bats eyes*

ON: Your pumpkin pie is better. Back to that squash tart, it clearly out shines the other dishes on that table. Too bad he didn’t see the previous episode before he came out because he would be ashamed of their botched blueberry tarts. So glad they didn’t make that again this week.

CM: The other guests bring out the various gifts. I think my favorite gift is the map of Seoul’s tastiest foodie spots and restaurants. What a thoughtful gift.

ON: My favorite gift was the coupon cards from the lawyer for a free consult. That would be the best gift if you didn’t know exactly what I wanted. I like the service.

CM: The young musicians play some of Jessica and Krystal’s favorite hits. Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” isn’t something that’s easy to play.

ON: On a guitar, at that.

CM: Krystal has an interesting stare as she looks at the two boys playing. Very intense.

ON: The younger crowds are so sweet with their Jessica and Krystal inspired song covers and rap dedicated to them. This scene made me realize how talented these groups of fans are and how much they love Jessica and Krystal.

CM: Yeah, they put a lot of thought into their gifts. That’s the great side of fandom. The chef offers to make something but worried that there’s too much food. But food is something that the Jung sisters always welcome. Before he heads up, the girls give the group a tour of their house. The various rooms remind the guest of what the girls were up to in each of the episodes. In the kitchen, the chef gets started on the meal and it’s like they’ve invited him over just so that he could cook for them. It must be weird for Krystal to see that all these people do watch the show and connect with the sisters.

ON: Krystal thinks it’s weird that he’s wearing his Master Chef apron. The twins decide to take the moment to perform SNSD Jessica’s “I Got a Boy”. As they invite Jessica up to dance with them, Krystal jokingly points out that her sister doesn’t like to move. The twins are so intense in their dance moves compared to Jessica.

CM: I think partly, Jessica is watching them to be as into the dance as she is when she’s on stage. The twins previously dance to this song at their college’s talent night.

ON: The lawyer wants to see some of Krystal’s moves and it’s really cute that her sister pushes her to perform.

CM: After teaching a few steps, Krystal feels too awkward and looks to hide behind her sister. Next up, it’s the infamous darts game which Jessica labels as strange and doesn’t work very well. She’s just deflecting the blame from her bad aim. The dart board works just as fine for everyone else except Jessica. Ha. Do they teach lesson in hand-eye coordination?


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