[Recap] Jessica & Krystal: Rest, Relaxation, Recovery

This week’s episode is all over the place. We pick up where we leave off at the fan meeting and then the two sisters head off on a relaxing getaway. Something about the editing of this show doesn’t really feel fluid. I wish we had a congruent beginning, middle and end. Instead, we often end an episode without completing the whole story which disrupts the flow. So at the fan meeting, Jessica eagerly awaits to try the dish the chef has prepare but he’s not quite ready yet. Is he pretending that he doesn’t hear Jessica?

Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX – Fancy

Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX – Fancy

ON: Yeah, it’s like when we pretend we don’t hear each other’s comments when we talk. The narrator of the show comes over to try to help the chef. The chef asks for the tortilla which is in the fridge and it seems like the narrator is having trouble finding it. The chef is a little wary and I guess it can happen when someone else is in your workspace and there’s a lot of expectation from the people downstairs.

CM: At least, he’s helping. Downstairs, the lawyers keeps the group busy by telling them that he had looked up Jessica and Krystal’s fortunes. He had previously said that he knows how to do that as well as read palms. But he jokes that the latter is just so he could hold their hands (and not wash it afterwards). Haha.

ON: Awkward laugh. Yeah, if only he was cuter I wouldn’t mind holding his hand, too.

CM: And younger. Lol. However, it’s a nice party trick. Even if I don’t believe in fortune telling, it’s something that I’m always fascinated about like horoscopes.

ON: Yeah, it’s a lot better than when you scared all my friends with the Ouija board.

CM: Also, another great party trick. Muahahaha. Really, it was only you that was scared.

ON: Hmmph!!

CM: So when it comes to Jessica, she’s smart, has faith, is creative and stubborn. It’s good that they are both in entertainment but Jessica is destined to be the subject of gossip. Since they’re in this industry, they can’t help but draw anti-fans but it’s best if she remain cool about it. For Jessica, she’s pretty much succeeded in the business but there’s still great luck in her future.

ON: As for Krystal’s fortune, like her personality, she doesn’t reveal a lot about herself to people. He says that she’s still young and already a star so she can become active in various pursuits and become more of a star. He seems to predict more with Jessica but as Krystal’s fan, he doesn’t go into that much detail. He’s almost waiting to see more of her and he’s too close of a fan to have an objective prediction. It’s all for fun, right?

CM: Back to the chef, it’s a seafood salad which looks more like seafood ceviche to me. It’s seems delicious and a refreshing dish for summer. Although, he didn’t put any cucumbers in it because Jessica can’t eat cucumbers.

ON: He’s a chef, so he could’ve put something in it to keep it more refreshing.

CM: Well the dressing is made from umeboshi, a Japanese pickled plum, which should give it a tart taste.

ON: After they start eating, he takes out his apron and ask them to sign it. It’s quite significant and it’s kind of adorable.

CM: Yeah, it’s cute but what if he gets it dirty? Won’t the signatures come off with each wash?

ON: He must really like them and the apron so he probably won’t wear it again.

CM: Now, it’s quiz time. How closely have these fans been watching the show? The winner will be given a gift. On the show, name 5 different food items consumed by the Jung Sisters. Question must be answered within 5 seconds.

ON: I love the first girl that answers, ‘Bread, bread, bread, bread, bread.’ She is right but it’s too bad it’s not the answer they’re looking for.

CM: I would have given that girl a gift just for the creative answer.

ON: Too bad they only have one gift and Krystal did have 5 croquettes in a row in a past episode.

CM: But the winner is the chef, who answered: Kimchi fried rice, Patbingsoo, Bean Paste Stew, Cupcakes and Shake Shack. Answering it all in 3 seconds.

ON: Not fair. He’s a food expert. The last present of the day is the last laugh. The narrator, who has experience as the UFC announcer, gives the closing comments in that voice, which cracks everyone up.

CM: He shows the difference between the Jessica & Krystal voice and the UFC voice. It’s interesting that he has a smile doing the former, while he has to turn his head away for the latter. After the filming, the chef opens up the gift and discovers that some of the items are makeup. Luckily, he has a younger sister to pass them off to. The other guests are also thankful to have spent the time with their favorite idols.

ON: A few days later, they have photo shoot and the makeshift backdrop gives the ambiance of the urban street. This reminds me that they were in a recent July issue of Nylon magazine in the U.S. They seem to have a lot of photo shoots together which seems amazing to have an appointment to see you sister so often.

CM: Yeah, but because they are close in real life, that natural chemistry seems to spill over for these type of shoots. I’m sure that’s what director is looking for. Ha, I love that Jessica comes down from hair and makeup and walks right in front of a fan which dishevels her hair all over again. But no worries, she just flips it over and it’s back in place. Today’s concept is to show the twin look but not be so matchy-matchy. Though they both wear plaid, Krystal wears the pattern on a jacket while Jessica wears it on a skirt.

ON: Could you see us wearing something like that?

CM: Nah, I don’t think it’ll look very flattering on us.

ON: As the night wears on, Jessica worries that her eyes are getting swollen. But the staff member tires to compliment her by saying that she looks good. She gets self-defensive and says, ‘Yeah, because I have to be tired to look good.’

CM: Ha yeah. I wish we could all look like that after a 10 hour day. A few days later, Krystal is on the computer looking to book a hotel. Because they’re famous, they can’t really go out. Luckily, she’s satisfied with staying in the hotel and relaxing.

ON: Due to her busy schedule and her new album (which they’ve won first place), she can’t go out and on a real vacation so she’s going to have to relax and restore inside a full-service hotel.

CM: Krystal calls her sister up to come over to the Yeouido hotel. However, the conversation is really strange and non-sensical. Krystals asks Jessica if she was about to curse and tells her that she’s being filmed. Ultimately, insisting that she just come over. End of conversation. ??? I honestly don’t understand it but okay.

ON: Great editing. Does this mean that when they normally talk to each other they actually curse?

CM: I’m not surprised but it’s just a conversation only sisters would comprehend. I know that we get that look a lot. Sometimes you make no sense but yet I get what you’re getting at. Other times, you forget entire words or sentences so I’m just confuzzled. Krystal checks in but instead of heading straight up to the room, she checks out the hotel’s amenities. The most important thing being the restaurant and their menu. Her traveling advice is that you can’t be stingy with money when you’re on vacation. I concur.

ON: Yeah, so the next trip, you’re going to splurge? I believe it’s a good way to live by. Hint, hint.

CM: Sure, you’re gonna pay, right? Assa!

ON: But you’re older and I need the vacation.

CM: I don’t hear anything. La La La…

ON: Jessica is on her way to the hotel but stuck in traffic. While we see her face with the reflective brake lights of the people in front of her, she has her own Red Light moment. She’s seems to be enjoying the moment and sings “Red Light” in Korean and pretends to be a ghost.

CM: Meanwhile, Krystal is dozing off on the bed when the room servers bring food that’s included in the room package. But when Jessica arrives at the hotel, Krystal doesn’t pick up the phone. As soon as Jessica arrives at the door, Krystal shows how much she’s missed her by hugging her.

ON: Are you jealous? Need a hug?

CM: Ignore. Jessica heads right for the food and stuffs her face. Mmm…

ON: It looks amazing. As Jessica takes a look around the room, she likes the bathroom but is slightly insulted that Krystal took a nap first on the bed. Krystal goes into the bathroom and finally realizes that there was a camera and she must have done her business without knowing it was there the whole time. She seems pretty shocked.

CM: Oops. Although it was a low angle, so I doubt it caught anything. Jessica discovers roses by the bathtub and immediately the sisters turn up their sexy charms.

ON: But in reality, it’s no sexy because they can’t help drooling. As they move in the bedroom, Jessica notices the dimmer switch and goes back to sexy time. She must be feeling hot and dirty. Krystal ignores and pouts to turn the lights back on.

CM: Does Jessica have a one-track mind?

ON: I thought only guys have that.

CM: Jessica opens up her bag and wow, she really doesn’t pack much. I don’t know if it’s because she didn’t have much time to pack or what. I always tend to over pack.

ON: Krystal didn’t even pack that much either. It seems like they’re used to packing light.

CM: Krystal pulls out a bag that looks similar to the one Jessica has. They model the bags but with a fun twist. The hungry pose. The Willy Wonka look.

ON: We knew they were special and funny.

CM: Jessica whispers that in her other bag, she’s got her lingerie. And Krystal repeats loudly, ‘Ah, lingerie?’ Haha, can’t keep secret. The girls keep saying they’re going to the spa but they can’t help be pulled in by that welcome tray.

ON: Eventually the girls make it out of the room.  As they walk out, Jessica tells her Krystal that she has no manner because she wasn’t thoughtful of Jessica’s short height by wearing heels. Once they arrive at the spa, the lady says they’re ready for their couple spa. Jessica jokes that they’re not a couple.

CM: Do you want to get a couple massage or something? Is that what you’re hinting at?

ON: YES. Jessica mentions that she needs her toxins taken out and I need that too. After their wonderful reminiscence of their drunken, winter vacation, they head to the actual massage for which they have to get naked. Krystal who seemed shock at first, makes a joke of it afterwards and make a motion to strip.

CM: During their “couple” massage, Jessica tells a weird story about how sharks don’t really like to eat people meat. But because the mafia has starved them, the sharks take care of the mafia’s enemies whenever they’re thrown into the water. Hmm, this episode is filled with lots of head scratching moments. Is their weirdness part of their charm?

ON: I think everyone is a little weird and it gives them a down-to-earth interesting twist to fame.

CM: I guess so. Unfortunately for the sisters, the massage is over.

ON: They change into their cute swimming outfits and hang out by the pool for a bit. They have cocktails, take photos and relax for a bit.

CM: Krystal brings up the time when she was a teenager and how Jessica didn’t like how she talked or slammed the door to her room. I guess that’s the thing all little sisters do.

ON: You weren’t a peach yourself. You were emo in high school doing homework at vampire hours, slamming and closing doors. Anyway, they talk about how Jessica taught Krystal mermaid swimming. Jessica hated looking after her sister. That sounds a lot like you. You always hated watching over me.

CM: I couldn’t hang out with my own friends without having you tag along. After swimming, the girls head to dinner. It sounds like it’s a tapas type of restaurant with lots of small plates. Is that enough to fill their appetite? Although, the scallops look yummy.

ON: Jessica admires the open kitchen but I can’t imagine the cooking and mess that they might leave if they got their hands on it.

CM: The bartender brings by jewel-themed drinks. Jessica gets a diamond and Krystal gets the opal. While it looks delicious, I don’t think those drinks will be strong enough for us.

ON: Nope, not for us. Krystal thinks the dish in the broiler is fat; and Jessica nods and thinks it bone marrow. They’re quite different if you didn’t know already. She jokes that there’s something burning in the kitchen which reminds her of the tart incident.

CM: I think nothing will top that tart incident. We’re always going to refer to it as the tart incident of 2014. I’m gonna put my trust in these chefs way more than her.

ON: Delivering the fish pot pie, the chef specifically tells them that the bowl is still very hot.

CM: As they’re eating, they don’t really talk but they don’t really need words to show that they’re enjoying the food. They’ve got sister telepathy for that. Apparently, this is their last filming session. The sisters have always been close but the film crew created a lot of new experiences for them outside of the home atmosphere which makes their time on the show special.

ON: Without their help, they wouldn’t have been able to take time out of their busy schedule. The time they spent with each other was priceless.

CM: It’s something that Krystal plans to show her kids later and also watch with Jessica when they’re old and grey.

ON: When they’re asked whether they’re able to see a different side of each other, Jessica firsthand how professional Krystal is outside of her clingy and dependent nature.

CM: It’s perhaps the younger child syndrome. Krystal may always come off as waiting for something from Jessica. However, through the years, she’s shown that she’s able to handle things on her own. I can totally relate. As kids, I always had to do things for you and in some way, I still see that little girl who’s needy. It annoyed me as a kid but I think that’s just part of the growing pains. Me, letting you do things for yourself and let you create your own success.

ON: I bet on the other side of that is the ability of coming out of the older sister’s shadow and wanting more for yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to know where you stand when you’re done growing but still stuck in the title of the younger sister. I’m clingy because it’s a reminder of that safety net.

CM: The Jung Sisters can feel the difference between being together and being together around group members. It makes sense because you’re going to conscious of the people around you and the cameras that follow your public image. You let some of that go around just the family members.


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