[Recap] Jessica & Krystal: Looking Back, Looking Forward

We’ve finally come to the final episode of Jessica & Krystal. As the sisters finish up their dinner, they share a sweet, emotional moment that shows how strong there bond is. However, this episode is also a journey through the series overall. Editing-wise, it may have been a rough and bumpy road but it was a rare opportunity to see past the visage that is Girls’ Generation and f(x) and get to know what’s at the heart of their relationship.

Han Byul (Led Apple) – I’ll Be There For You (English Ver.)

한별 – I’ll Be There For You

ON: On this holiday, they really let go and enjoy their time apart from their individual and busy schedules to enjoy a couple massage, dinner, dessert and drinks. The producer starts to ask them questions about the filming process and their points of views. It’s really interesting to hear what they have to say. For the girls, they start talking about the show and it seems a little bittersweet for them because they believe the precious time they’ve spent has come to an end all too quickly.

CM: For Jessica, it’s something to celebrate and I find it funny that when she picks up the wine glass Krystal doesn’t automatically clink glasses.

ON: She leaves her hanging like a good, little sister. Lol.

CM: Haha, but Krystal finally relents and their attention turns to the dinner, naturally. Herbed steak and potato au gratin. Jessica thinks back over the last couple of month and feels bad that Krystal has been busier than her because of the release of her new album overlapped with the filming of this show. It’s not like they could put their life completely on hold. Even with those regrets, the time the girls have spent together has been special.

ON: I love how they get time to comment to the PD about the way the show was handled. Jessica jokingly pushes Krystal to vent out at him saying that they should have gone all out and complained. But in reality, they comment on how they were unclear of how they were going to fill 10 episodes because they’re like couch/bed potatoes that like to quietly lie around.

CM: But that’s the reality aspect of the show and it made it feel like it wasn’t overly manufactured by the PDs. And in other ways, it was nice to see that Jessica and Krystal can be just like us. Lazy (in a good way), foodies and fashion obsessed, like many of us are. It was fascinating to see that life outside of their work.

ON: While Jessica is filming herself, Krystal seems preoccupied and slinks away from her sister. The PDs call Jessica over for a chat and Krystal gives a sly smile before heading to the room. The narrator finally tells us that Krystal has prepared a surprise for her sister which we got hints of in the last couple of weeks through previews.

CM: While hiding out in the adjoining room that’s occupied by the film crew, Krystal worries that Jessica won’t have a reaction because she’s never received this kind of surprise before. Thirty minutes later, Jessica enters the empty suite. She attempts to look for Krystal and ends up calling her on the phone as she’s nowhere to be found.

ON: Krystal says she’s playing hide and seek and that’s she behind the curtain. I mean, have you ever played hide and see in which the hider tells the seeker where they’re hiding? Jessica is cute and mentions that there are a lot of curtains to which Krystal insists that she obviously needs to open them all.

CM: I think it’s obvious by Jessica’s shocked exclamation. Behind the curtains, Krystal has gathered screenshots and pictures of the two of them and the time they’ve spent together on the show. With it are sweet messages where Krystal relays what they did and how she felt at that moment.

ON: The montage of video clips with photos, face times and interview bites of the girls is really adorable. Once Krystal gets back into the room, Jessica sees her and bursts into tears asking her why she did this for her. It’s an overflow of emotions that brings on more tears as they head to the bedroom to sit with each other. They make me want to cry, too.

CM: When Jessica asks how she came up with the idea, Krystal confesses that she likes writing letters. Although Krystal might come off as the type to squirm when things get too cute or emotional, she’s able to express those cringe-worthy emotions on paper. It really is an awfully, sweet moment. Krystal has had a lot of things on her mind these days and Jessica regrets that she wasn’t able to be there for her.

ON: Jessica talks about how sorry she is. She knows that when you get busy, you lose track of those that matter the most. She mentions how it’ll be better and that they’ll have more time for each other. I just want to give them a hug.

CM: And then as soon as they finish shedding their tears, the sisters are laughing again. It’s like how we are. We’ll talk and tears will be streaming down our face one minute. Then, we’ll feel better because we let it out and we’re suddenly laughing and teasing each other again. I love how it suddenly dawns on them how their eyes will get all swollen the next day or as Jessica puts it, “sausages”.

ON: Yeah and Jessica’s stomach makes weird noises. So what better than bodily noises and conversations about farts to lighten the mood. A good old fart joke. Who knew female idols could pass gas? LOL.

CM: Haha, and they immediately get into an immature round of calling each other just for the sake of calling each other. It’s like the boy who cried wolf test. How many times before you cross the line?

ON: Hey, it’s not like we don’t do it. Although, most of the time I call you but I forget what I was about to say. LOL.

CM: Yeah, because you forget what you’re going to say as you’re saying it. Like you’ll go, ‘You know…’ ??? Next, the show takes us all the way back to the beginning and the teaser shoot. It’s the cute shoot in which the two sisters show us how they communicate without words set to Lily Allen’s “Air Balloon”. They have to be all cutesy which sends Krystal reeling in horror. Jessica is totally comfortable in front of the camera but Krystal is all awkward.

ON: I love Krystal when she poses like she’s taking a shot. Shot! Shot! Shot! Just my style.

CM: Nah, I’m more of the five shots in a row style. Hee hee hee…

ON: LOL, prove it.

CM: You’re on.

ON: Call.

CM: Even while the film crew wasn’t there to film, the girls took it upon themselves to film segments for the show. Although it looks like most of their shoots involved eating.

ON: She kept filming by setting the camera down on the table.

CM: Krystal admits that she didn’t know if she would have the confidence to do a show like this. She’s surprised that even some people became fans of theirs after watching the show.

ON: Going back to the LA trip, Krystal mentions how it wasn’t possible for them to have a real trip together outside of Korea after they both became stars. They stuck to each other like glue, doing everything together. Driving, shopping and forgetting altogether that there was a camera crew to film them. Oooh, my favorite item they found while shopping was that LAX to JFK shirt.

CM: I know!! I want it and suddenly determined to find it. Afterwards, they head to Disneyland and it’s like they’re little kids all over again. It won’t be a trip to the happiest place on Earth without matching Minnie headbands.

ON: Because we need to show how Korean they’ve become.

CM: But the weirdest thing is the random white guy greeting them in Korean. He just literally walks by and goes, ‘Ahnyeonhasaeyo,’ and he’s gone. I don’t think I would know how to respond to that.

ON: Say in English, ‘Hello back, we’re American.’ But then again, they’re wearing those headbands.

CM: I just don’t think my brain would be able to process quickly that Korean is coming out of a white person while I’m in America. It just… does not compute. It’s like that time we went to the Korean makeup shot and one of the salesgirl greeted us in Korean. I was too busy looking at the makeup to look up and when I finally did, I was like wowed by her awesome Korean pronunciation to notice that she wasn’t a Korean native.

ON: Yeah, it gets me confused as to where I am, what language I’m speaking and what language I should respond back in. Now at Disney, Jessica and Krystal are like most people that have a magical place in their hearts. Disney. It’s where dreams really do come true. Even stopping to see the show stopping fireworks at the Disney castle.

CM: Beyond Girls’ Generation, Jessica dreams of pursuing her interests in fashion. She’s not just an idol but hopes to make her own clothes and accessories to sell.

ON: That’s exciting to look forward to.

CM: As Krystal is busy signing her new album for fans, Jessica is looking over some sunglasses. She wants to give each style a unique name and at first, Krystal suggests naming them after food items. After all, they do love eating. However, Jessica is leaning towards naming them after their favorite cities.

ON: The show then moves on to Krystal and Jessica’s flavorful journey throughout the series. We know they’re not on a diet and love to eat, eat, and eat. They eat bread, patbingsoo (aka shaved ice), bean curd stew, skewered rice cakes, kimchi fried rice, cakes, tarts, canapés, and oh yeah, those (alcoholic) drinks. Thanks goodness they don’t have to censor the drinking.

CM: Beauty of cable, yo. I was seriously shocked by how much they ordered because we all know that they’re going to eat it in one sitting. I felt bad for calling my favorite take out place almost every day because I’m too tired from work to come home and cook. Now, I don’t feel so bad anymore.

ON: Why don’t we ever see them workout?

CM: Curse their great metabolism. Aaahh! Haha, while not quite the tart disaster (of 2014), it’s amusing to see the scene where Jessica and her Girls’ Generation friends making sangria. Tiffany keeps bossing Hyoyeon around. I wouldn’t do that while she’s holding the knife. Also, I would have never thought of putting lemon in sangria. It’s an interesting recipe but not how I would make it. However, the most important ingredient that makes or breaks a good drink or cocktail is the company you keep.

ON: I feel like we like them more and more because we see that they can enjoy a good drink. Koreans have a saying that you know if you like your co-workers by the way they can handle their drinks. Jessica talks about Hyoyeon’s personality and how she’s very positive with others, even herself. Without trying hard, she also brings this out in other people around her. With all the negativity they must face from the media, netizens and the like, it’s really a great thing to have someone like that to fall back on. This brings out cheers from the girls.

CM: Their toast is super cheesy. Like, ‘Cheers, Girls’ Generation!’ in that upbeat, poppy voice. It prompted us to come up with our own cheesy toast. So Oinknew came up with C-M-O-N, as in our initials. We’re still giggling about it as I’m typing this and I swear, we’re the only people that think this is funny because you it comes out all hacky and not sugary sweet like the way they do it. Yeah, it’s in the wee hours of the morning, we’re sleep deprived and delirious. However, I think their philosophy for happiness is really simple and yet right on target. All you need is good company and good food. That’s it. Words to live by.

ON: In the end, Krystal says this show as like a preview into their future. Jessica sees Krystal in a new light by stating she’s mature. I think the moral of the show is to take time to appreciate the relationship around you and moments that are special. Life is bittersweet so life it to the fullest. Thank you for listening to our ramblings!


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